Performance - Speed up workflow- in Blender

blender 2.81 is really cool, will blender 2.82 focus on performance?


Better theme support! Many colors are not theme-able yet and the structure is a bit of a mess. And bright themes are impossible to make look good. Perfect themes for Blender 2.82 would be awesome!


Need to work on the API for gizmo, they’re really limiting me right now.
UV tools are very scarce
Need mode xray mod retopology. Similar in Topogun or 3d coat
Shader Editor:
You need to add to the Shader editor the ability to select materials for editing. I see an expandable list with a large thumbnails with all existing in the scene materials.


Could be interesting talk from different industries pov. Like game artist I see a lot of things that are main but it appear few important if we compare with movie industries features.

  • A game artist needs tools that reduce worktime, tools easy to implement a lot of times
  • The movie industry needs big technology projects that only one of them needs thousands of hours to be implemented.

For example, the merge by distance modifier is a long petition, also mainly completed, but it’s not implement because other things are more important. Similar to the Bake interface, we need to use addons because actual system have a frustating UX


Personal Top 3:
Easier collection management, especially the ability to quickly manage what renders. Transforming collections as a unit. Reparenting nested collections, especially the ability to quickly manage large hierarchies by dragging things around or using the M hotkey. Render icon visible by default. Check/uncheck saving nested states.

Texture paint layers. Simple mixRGB is enough. Right now you need multiple images, texture paint slots, and a complex node setup.

The ability to use shader output color as vertex weight, non-cyclicly, simply making a new vertex group that 1 time, or updating a conventionally named one like how mirror vertex groups works.


There has been work done on a merge modifier already? Who has been working on that?

campbell, if I remember also he had a patch done, but devs decided to not merge because it was not important like other targets and could divide the efforts. It also happened with other modifier that people ask at same time that merge.

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You mean November. In October the stabilizing branch for 2.81 is created - release date is targeted at November 14th.


I wish they focus more on Performance and Stability instead of adding more features, take one release off and just make blender perform better in edit mode, animation playback,sculpting, texture painting, viewport, undo system, import/export…everything is slow even with half scene complexity compared to other softwares, maybe if they put that focus together they can do it in a shorter amount of time and then go back to adding new features.& wish-list.

Also i would like to see more streamlined workflows, for example in sculpt mode if i want to add new geometry i shouldn’t keep going between object and sculpt modes, extracting meshes, merging them and so forth, I should be able to do it all in sculpt mode, and of course improving UI and user experience is always welcomed.


Yea I do agree with you. but that is one of the limitations of Blender.
Blender is written in python and python is an interpreted dynamically typed language. that is why some tools takes time before it responds to users action. but when the same action is repeated again it becomes faster because the python code was converted to bytecode and is stored in the computer’s Memory.
but I do suggest that Sculpting still has a lot of Work to be done because the performance isn’t that great.

I thought blender is written in C, and python is only used for some UI stuff and addons? :thinking:


Blender is C and C++, but the blender API and UI is python.

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Errr… :roll_eyes:

In 2.82, we need:

  • performance huge improvements/optimization
  • tabs for editors
  • Y up axis option
  • procedural rules for material assignment (no more fake agent stuff)

I think that developers don’t have this in the plans in any term. But why? it is easy to change it when you export or import.


1 Simplify the operation process

For every function that requires user operation, it is hoped that production efficiency will be the target of improvement.

For example, how many times a function mouse clicks, how many distances have been moved, how much physical effort has been spent, and how long it took.

Do everything possible to improve efficiency while improving functionality.

For example, Blender’s mobile rotation and zooming tools do not require additional mouse movements to the tool to complete the operation.

This is a very advanced design idea that should be maintained and promoted to other functions.

There are also operations that try to avoid re-confirmation after clicking. The user is not so stupid, which is superfluous.

2 More user-friendly and smarter interface

Know what you think, give you what you want

The blender’s UI is very good, but it’s still very rigid. Anyway, I often spend extra effort to adjust the window size and move the mouse to the outline and property windows, which is very uncomfortable.

For example, we want an outline, or a property window,
You should not move your mouse to the far right window.
The outline or property or node editor should be drawn directly under the mouse.

That’s right, instead of a new window, add a layer like a transparent layer and a floating window to the 3D view.
You can also switch between different editors as you would a page.

Use the PIE menu to call out, large icons, large text, similar to drag and drop and zoom as you browse the web on your phone.

Please note that dragging and sliding can save a lot of mouse movement distance.
When you are done, press esc or double-click on the blank to return to the 3D view.

This 3D view can work full screen without even having extra windows, and most operations can be completed faster.

Can make the outline and property windows and other editors have more screen space, use larger icons and text, and observe changes in 3D views at the same time.

The blender has great potential, and the developers are working hard to make it better. It’s really nice to see Blender getting better and better, cheering for your work!

My English is not very good, the above content is the result of translation, please forgive me.


There is another problem that has been bothering me for a long time.
F key to adjust the brush size
Need to press F twice
Finally, press the F key once to confirm that the resizing is completely redundant.

Because the time required to resize is very short, for a moment

Do you have to press the keyboard twice in this moment?

Should be changed to press F to adjust the size, release the F key and confirm the resizing.

This small detail doesn’t seem to matter, but it’s very frequently used, and a small change can greatly enhance the user experience.
The design of any function should take into account the possibility of reducing unnecessary operations.

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there are damn keyboard especially on laptops that block the movement of the pad / mouse while you hold a shortcut …

having said that, we can adopt the same technique used for the pie menu, which if you hold it down will activate “long press -> release press assign operation” and with short presses it works as it works now.

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No offense… but this thread is more suited to blenderartists forum since it’s basically an invitation to make wishlists and not in any way helpful for developers… And it’s not exactly user feedback unless I miss understood the intention here? Maybe I shouldn’t post this LOL


it is not a wishlist.
it is more a matter of feeling what is most necessary for many.

Have you try to click with the mouse? F is not necessary