Option to make the small point following the sculpt brush cursor disappear when left mouse is clicked (Feature similar to Zbrush)

Hello guys Forgive me If have been storming blender forums with some posts recently regarding this topic. The new update of blender 2.81’s sculpt brush is good but the only thing that is bothering me when using it is the small point that is following the sculpt brush cursor. I am not asking for its removal instead I would like to ask for it to be an optional feature.

There are some things that and sometimes although they are small they cause a lot of difficulties in your work. The point can be useful in some cases where you want to monitor where your brush is going but having it in your face all the time makes you feel dizzy and sometimes it can be fatiguing. Not to mention that the color used in the main brush is red.
It is like a double whammy and highly noticeable/sticks out like laser.

I have heard form different blender users where they are fine with it which is good but not all users are the same. What caught my attention was the moment he stated that he likes looking at the point while sculpting somehow made my point. As a result this makes you focus more on the technical side of things more than how you could sculpt more organically like your molding and observing your sculpt at the same time but with the point present it is highly difficult to do that you have to fools yourself that it is not there.

Again this is not an opposition to the feature but a request to have an option to disable it when not needed.


  • Highly noticeable that it can be distracting when organically sculpting
  • Sometimes dizzying

An option toggle to disable or enable it.

Update: October 12, 2019
A better solution was proposed by devtalk user @TheRedWaxPolice below the comments. :white_check_mark:

Hey, never used zbrush or other sculpting apps huh?

It is quite similar to zbrush but not entirely. In zbrush the small point changes size when the brush stroke is fast so that the point will not be that of a hindrance/distraction.In blender the point is much bigger and paler that it becomes highly noticeable.

I believe the zbrush ui designers have taken it into consideration, especially when a user will be working with a model on an extented amount of time. Although I am new to sculpting, I think this part of the ui is very improtant. I cannot say for sure that I would be the only one who will be distracted by this specific part of the ui. I hope blender can take this into consideration.

This is not to disrespect the ui designers. I just want to point out that this is a great ui update but I hope it will be an optional feature in the future and not fixed.

Big respect and appreciation to the blender designers and developers.


The problem is that the dot is always visible when you are doing the stroke.


The dot needs to disappear when you are performing the stroke, like in zbrush etc…


I presume this is an easy fix? :thinking:


Thank you! Atleast I am not alone with this dillema. I was too excited in using blender 2.81 and suddenly I got met with the new ui that looks promising but with some minor issues.

If there is a chance that you can also post this in right click select it will be a strong message for blender 2.81. Excuse myself for I have bombarded right click select with this request and I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to post again they might get irritated if I do so.

The sample video explains it completely. There is a chance that they might listen to you. Maybe I have not explained it well and your post will add some weight to the matter.


Yes, that’s the fix needed. Hope @pablodp606 sees this. :wink:

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