Option to disable the small dot in the 3d guide for the sculpt mode brush (Similar to Zbrush)

Update: Oct 14, 2019 :white_check_mark:
New post created that further explains the problem:


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Hey, you cried a lot already, it’s time to stop.
If there was no answer until now, this means they don’t give a crap about it.
So you got two options, either you get used to it or start sculpting elsewhere. LOL

I don’t know what is your problem but I just renamed my old post which for some reasons that I don’t know made the post be put on top. I am new to devtalk and I didn’t know that this would cause the post to be resposted first of the line.

Good for you you though, I can see you are not troubled with the new update of sculpt brush.

I also deleted the texts in this post that might be bothering you.

You don’t get the point. I also want that fix, I even wasted my time tagging the developer, remember?
I’m just trying to tell you to not waste your time because probably ain’t gonna happen.
There’s a limit for begging for stuff. Stop humiliating yourself and give up.

I get what you mean but that post you wherw in was supposed to be the last one including in the righr click select. I just didn’t know that devtalk would repost it to the top. I may have to delete it entirely just to make the new post more singular.

It is so funny because this is my first paper cut. Of all the things blender has changed, I never complained but just proposed but this one was so polarizing that I failed to restrain myself in flooding blender with this matter. Again excuse me for the flooding I will try to control the posting much better.