Blender UI paper cuts

Hmmmm no that’s not too much. In fact that’s exactly, perfectly what we need !

Who’s we?

Nah, nodes are overrated, they are not good for everything, specially for hardcore modeling, it’s super slow. They should be optional.

And keep in mind, as they say, nodes only exist because of the lack of capacity to develop a good UI.


That’s how Maya was built, it has both which gives you the power of parametric modeling and finer control with Nodes. I do hope that Blender Devs make a better solution than Maya’s “delete history” that’s one of it’s annoying parts.


The whole thing how primitives are handled in C4D is something I miss so much in blender.


I miss(ed) how primitives are handled in C4D too. Which is what drove me to purchase Wonder Mesh from the Blender Market. While not a complete feature parity to C4D’s primitives it is close enough and thus quite easily my current favorite add-on.

Hello. I would like to give a link of a ui paper cut post.


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Cool, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I’d just wish that a lasting parametric primitive mode before meshconversion would be the default behaviour in blender itself, what would then also be the norm for other shipped meshgenerating tools or addons available.

Align Tools addon allows the user to change the default tab category (where it gets placed in the sidebar), but doesn’t respect user’s input when reopening Blender.

Here’s what happens:
The addon’s default tab category is: ‘Item’.
The user changes that tab category to: ‘Whatever’.
Everything seems nice and organized. Save userprefs. Reopen Blender.
Now, if the scene is empty (no objects are created), the addon disregards the user’s tab category and still creates its own tab ‘Item’ (being the only addon in it).
When we create the first object, there is naturally the ‘Item’ tab that gets created at the top of all tabs. The Align Tools addon gets moved in that tab.
That’s inconsistent behavior from an addon, which is expected to stay in the same place and not moving around in the UI according to what happens in the scene.


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Applying materials to vertex groups shouldn’t require you to enter Edit Mode.


On the keyboard shortcuts, I think Select Linked is not consistent with the rest of the program, since Shift is used to add, and ctrl to subtract.

L = (Add) Select Linked (under cursor)
Ctrl + L = Select Linked
Shift + L = Deselect Linked

I think this proposal would be more consistent with the rest of the program:
L = Select Linked
Shift + L = (Add) Select Linked (under cursor)
Ctrl + L = Deselect Linked


Is it possible to change orientation setting for moving 3D cursor with [shift]+[RC] shortcut to be “Geometry”?
Now it’s set “View” by default.
Edit: found it in settings. So I’ll change my question a little. Can this orientation setting be “Geometry” by default? It makes more sense (at least for me).

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I have noticed that the floating window when you open a new file is really slow if you drag it around, in comparison with the Preferences windows which doesn’t have any lag while dragging.

Hope it makes sense.

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I guess that’s the same issue as this:

Actually I don’t think we can apply materials to specific vertex groups, unless I am mistaken ? We can apply materials to a selection of faces, but that isn’t kept track of anywhere as far as I know, except from the material panel, from which you can select faces onto which a specific material is applied. I’d love being able to use vertex groups from Cycles nodes, too.

Can we have a second option for Delete Keyframes? where it just deletes without the confirmation box just like the one for the Objects.


Yes, you can apply materials specific to Vertex groups. But you have to do it in edit mode, as there’s no way to select the vertex groups otherwise. And you have to keep track of them with the regular material listing.

Another one is this, which was something I never noticed before until another user got confused by it.

These tabs have the same name on top:

When they should have their names changed based on what they are, with only the Scene tab having that name on top.


I mentioned this a few thousand comments above : )
So I agree. It is very confusing.


That’s not the tabs name. It’s the context the settings belong to. You get the tabs name by hovering over the icon at the vertical left list of that panel.

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It still is confusing, especially when someone asks you where the Units setting is, you tell them is in scene and they respond “Ah, it’s in Scene-Scene, not Render-Scene”