Modifier stack - allow numerical reordering in the modifier tab

I suggest that by the “move up/down” arrows next to a modifier in the stack, there be a text field populated by it’s current position in the stack. If this number is overwritten manually the modifier will jump to the required position in the stack, allowing us, as an example, to move a modifier from position 5 to position 2, without having to move through positions 3 and 4 on the way and waiting for the entire modifier stack to recalculate twice more, unnecessarily.

Drag and drop would be even better… :wink:


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Or even both. Drag and drop would be amazing, but it’d likely also require collapsing all modifiers to shrink the list enough to fit in one page, which adds a multitude of extra clicks unless using Modifier Tools. It’s also significantly easier to fail. Having both would be amazing

Haha yeah, drag and drop is a must.

Also, that modifier panel should be removed. This kind of stuff is better done in the outliner.

It seems like drag and drop is coming. Probably not as cool as your example. :rofl:
See this thread: (But the UI is terrible tho)