Meshes on Intel (surface pro) quit being visible about 3 weeks ago

I like the way that Blender 2.8 is moving - much easier to use!

On my surface pro 4, though, meshes are no longer visible - though you can see their outlines when selected. They’re gone in Workbench and evee. But when renderer is set to Cycles, they’re visible.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yes! I just tried my Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop which has both Nvidia 1060 as well as the Integrated Intel graphics from its i7-7700HQ CPU in it, and I right clicked the shortcut to Blender and “Run with graphics processor -> Integrated Graphics” and I see exactly the behavior you describe.

It works fine with the default Nvidia 1060 of course.

The default cube shows only the selection outline. If I ALT-A it becomes totally invisible, but I can right click its location to re-select it. With Solid shading it’s invisible, and with LookDev or Rendered (Eevee) it shows as a solid black void. F12 render with Eevee renders it as a transparent void containing the checkered zero alpha pattern surrounded by the background color.

So perhaps it’s an issue just affecting Intel Integrated 3D Graphics support, at least on some processors?

Also, attempting to change the default material on the cube, or trying to add a material to a new object crashes Blender.

For anyone following this - the developers are aware, and are actively working on the issue. Today’s build (7/25) has the meshes back in the solid view, but there is still an issue in eevee.