Blender 2.8 Usability

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I’ve been following the blender 2.8 development closely, and am excited about lots of the changes and improvements that are being made. However, while myself (and plenty of other people) are eager to try the daily builds to provide feedback, we’re currently unable to, due to an bug with Intel integrated graphics that was introduced some time ago.

While I understand that the issue tracker is only open for crash reports at the moment (it has already been reported here and immediately closed:, this is an issue which significantly impacts a large number of users.

I was wondering what to do in this situation, as AFAIK there has not been any acknowledgement from the developers about this.

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There’s a few of us out here that see the same thing. I created a thread here a few days back about it:

Some others posting on blenderartists. It’s a known issue, but not a peep from the devs yet. Probably working on getting things stable.

Since blender does crash any time one tries to edit the materials in either the workbench or Eevee, I don’t why we shouldn’t be able to report it. Since it is, in fact, a crash-prone bug in blender 2.8 as of right now.

I don’t see why the development team hasn’t responded to this yet, since it does affect a large group of users. Which also reduces the amount of active feedback that the development team can get. It just seems really odd and counter productive to me and a lot of other users.

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Yeah. It’s only 66.6 percent of the market share:

But there are a lot of things broken right now, I’m sure they’ll get to it. It does stop me from testing it on my surface pro though.

With a recent update, the workbench engine is now fixed for Intel Integrated Graphics users. As of right now, however, Eevee still displays the blank shader when in material or rendered view. Any attempts at changing or previewing materials leads to a crash, unless the user is in the cycles rendered view.

Is there a way to make a vertex group in a bezier curve. I think that would be helpfull for animation with the hook modifier.