Mesh pop ups should open up before the mesh is added

The add mesh panel works a bit differently than how it should correctly work. it is some what taking itself out of the user’s attention and many times we don’t make its full use when we should have used it as it is not in the proper way how it should have worked

the panel should appear as a pop us before adding the mesh like illustrated below

and when the object is being added and is modified before modeling it , it should be in wire frame so that all the verts, edges and faces can be seen better like illustrated below

i hope this idea seems meaningful and will be worked upon

If you press the F9 key, you get a pop-up version of the Add dialog. Personally, I would dislike having to set parameters first, without immediate visual feedback.

Also, you can press Shift + Z while in Add mode (or before adding an object) to view the object wireframe if you prefer.


though that has been accepted by majority of professionals in other software

Which software exactly? I don’t know any other major 3D software packages that would give you a creation dialog before displaying the preview of the object you are creating.


Blender consciously avoids popups, because they disrupt the workflow. It used to do this in pre-2.5 versions, but in the major UI overhaul in 2.5, they moved to an Object → Action → Settings paradigm, where you make an object selection first (if applying some action to an existing object), then you perform the action with some initial default settings, and then you can play with the settings and get immediate feedback on their effect in the viewport. This way, you don’t have to guess what the settings will do, you can see what they actually do.

It is worth revisiting the rationale for this UI redesign, as written up by William Reynish over a decade ago:

Remember, this is why Blender is regarded as one of the fastest modelling apps around.


maya,3ds max, cienma 4d as well as z brush even rocket 3f follow this

this pop up in not affecting any workflow and makes complete sense if one thinks on deeply with beginner perspective

i use all the mentioned software and in know about this in them

That is not true. I used two out of these 3 (Max and Maya), and the primary way of primitive creation in 3ds Max is the interactive one, where you first interactively create the primitive and then you edit the numeric values.

In Maya, you always get constant size primitive created, and then afterwards, you are editing the numeric value. In both cases, you first see the primitive, and then you are editing its parameters.

actually they are all over you might have not noticed it

WTF? That’s not a pop up prior to object creation. That is a pop up of a mesh editing operation on already existing, visible object, which is being updated in realtime as soon as you change any setting. O_o

And it works the exactly same way in Blender:

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i know is out subject but can you give me your theme pls