Meeting Notes: 25 November 2020

Present: Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Nathan Craddock

A short meeting, just checking up on some current tasks.

2.92 Release

  • Asset Browser Milestone 1
    • Review process started: D9633
    • T82015: Terminology
      Julian would like to change to less technical terminology. E.g. rather than repository, smart filter, tags use asset library, catalog and keywords. To be discussed further.
  • Line Art review
    Not much for us to do still.
  • Outliner/Properties Sync
    • It may be useful to include an option to disable or enable syncing per-properties editor.
      • May need a filter or display options popover.
    • First we want to try if a smarter syncing heuristic does the trick.

General Design Review and Tasks

  • D9543: Outliner: Don’t sync tabs with property editors with pinned context
    • Underlying question: Is the pinning for the active data or the tab?
    • Agreement was that it’s for the data. Thus the patch should be rejected/abandoned.
  • D9180: Box & Lasso selection behavior
    • The “Blender Default” value in the preferences dropdown isn’t needed. It would be better to make edge selection intersect by default.

Next Meeting: 2020-12-2 (next Wednesday), same time.


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