UI: large list issue

Hey, im not sure if this is the right place to ask about my issue since its very specific. Anyways.
I’ve been using an addon that implements ACES colorspaces into blender, And ACES has alot of colorspaces to choose from when importing a picture. This is where the issue is.

As you can see it doesn’t display them all. There is a tough workaround for this but it does get extremely annoying.

This is the only workaround I found but its extremely annoying to try and find anything since they are also divided into groups (eg: Utility-sRGB-Texture)
Hopefully this makes sense and it fits this thread.

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This is a known issue. Good news is that it is being worked on!
OpenColorIO is what Blender uses for color management. Version 2 was released 12 days ago. It includes

new tools to organize color spaces by category, hide color spaces, and define hierarchical menus. New File and Viewing Rules allow more powerful default behaviors.

A UX working group was also just started to deal with how OCIO should be implemented in apps.

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When can we expect to see these updates happen and where can I get the new version of ACES you mentioned? I’ve been using this link (https://www.toodee.de/?page_id=1720#0) to get ACES in blender.

Blender 2.93 alpha updated to OCIOv2 Friday. This was mostly the back end parts that handle the transforms from one color space to another. I plan on working on UX issues this week.

However, as far as I am aware, a new ACES ocio config hasn’t been written yet to take advantage of the new OCIOv2 app menu helpers. So the improvement to handling the giant list in menus waits on that new config.

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