Local view should not have specific selection


this has been discussed already on some of the code quest tasks, but not resolved yet. It’s not really a papercut, so I am creating a new thread for it.

Currently, the fact that local view has it’s own selection state does way more harm than good. It introduces just obstacles and gives almost no benefit in exchange.

The typical frustrating case is when you want to go to local view with just one object, but you accidentally selected more than one. As soon as you notice it, you select just the one you want, exit the local view and enter it again, but when you exit the local view, it throws away your selection and uses the one before you entered the local view, so you end up repeating the same mistake a few times until you do it right.

I personally can not think of a single useful reason to have different selection for local and non local view, and I challenge anyone to come up with a single reasonable one.


I think there are many problems with the Local view.
@MaxPuliero explains one of them at the end of his video here.
I also created this post about the camera movement in local view.
Looks like there is no way to add objects to the local view, but you can remove objects. And removing objects will ask for a confirmation which is another annoyance for me.
Ideally I think it should work in edit mode too, for isolating faces, verts, etc.

I made some quick changes here:


Nice to see this. Thanks!

That’s awesome! Thank you! :smiley:

I think these changes have created a bug,
now the previous viewed in local view objects, always remain active in local view

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Yep, it looks like if an object was in local view once, it always appears in local view next time, selected or not.