Left click select keymap


This works pretty well so far, guys. On the 17 Nov build, Blender is still hurt pretty badly by the lack of a dedicated deselect key. Ctrl + click to deselect would work well. It’s painful to try to remove an object from your selection set only to make it the active object, then clicking again only makes the object behind it the acive object. It’s almost impossible to deselect something in this program. I have to find some view angle that works such that there is no object behind the object i need to deselect. It’s really painful and makes working with dense scenes incredibly slow.

The right click specials menu is great. I now wish there was a lot more in the specials menu. Maybe a limited number of tools and operators such as right clicking in face mode and having extrude, inset and bevel right there would be amazing.

Otherwise, so far this is very promising. I can’t stop right clicking to select now…that’s another issue.


Click on an empty space to deselect needs to land asap. :smile:

Here’s what we need:



I think the same, i like the context menu on the right click. And maybe if it is not yet possible to make it cutomizable, it could be cool that at least the entry “quick favorites” present on each context menu.
So without touching the keyboard the quick favorites would became accessible.


Yes, I would like to keep working on the contextual menu, to make it a bit more consistent and add some more things there too. The challenge is to not make it too massive either. The idea of including the quick favourites inside it is an interesting one which I could see make sense, although it would be a submenu - but maybe that’s acceptable too.


I don’t understand the problem to deselect when you click in a empty space, it’s possible in blender2.79


Also yes, I think Ctrl-click should deselect. It’s consistent with Ctrl-drag to deselect areas with the Box Select tool.


2.7x did not work this way with the default left click select option.

I have nothing in particular against it, other than the fact that it should not be the only, or main way. We cannot ensure that there always is an empty area on the screen. But it can be a way to deselect - in fact it already kinda works in Edit Mode, if you box select in an empty area it deselects. We should just expand this to work with simple clicking, and in Object Mode too.

The thing I think we should not do, is make it so clicking always deselects everything if you click on something different - that would be vert slow and annoying.


Of course, only that click in an empty space deselect, but not change the rest of behaviours.


Yes please. The transform gizmo needs to be included in the selection tools. :pray:


If activated like in 2.79 yes, if not, nope.


Lol… Needless to say that this feature is optional, like every 3D software under the sun.
RedWax even made a mockup up there.


i think adding the possiblity to switch between your tools with a hotkey is essential especially now with left click and box selection…at least should be between two tools, the current active one and the previous selected, like in 2d softwares where you can switch between two brushes with a hotkey this not only help with the gizmo but also in other modes editting,sculpting…etc right now i could cycle only in the sub-category in box selection, so u don’t end up with many hotkeys for each or even use combination…and i beleive hiding the gizmo has it’s own dedicated hotkey in 2.8 "ctrl+’ ".


Made a video to show what I have on the last build.



The new left click workflow is looking great! and the right click contextual menus are awesome as well. I think Blender is finally getting closer to the standards in the industry. What I really miss from the default settings in Blender is a way to deselect when clicking on an empty space. I know there’s a workaround but for new users this can be very tricky to figure out.

Please have a look to this video that explains how it works and how to fix it. It’s in Spanish although but even if you don’t know Spanish you can get the idea:


The other day I said the opposite, but after trying to work with Blender2.8 for a while with the left click… I don’t think it’s bad that the contextual menu exists. But after years of using Blender it seems to me a problem that if I choose to simply use the left click I have to accept hundreds of changes in the hotkeys of the program. Yes, I use the left click, but I have always used the right click for the cursor. I just want to invert the mouse buttons, not to get hotkeys for newbies coming from other programs.

I think it’s best to let the user choose how he wants to interact with Blender. Allowing us to choose several things

  • Use Left Click to Select / Use Right Click to Select

  • Use context menu / Separate actions between left and right click

  • Function of the spacebar
    Toolbar / Search / playback

  • Use Pie Menus / Use classic Menus

These options will allow to the old user to use blender in the same way than before.

And put this options here, where don’t interrupt the UI to edit other hotkeys (or make this options dissappear when you search some hotkey)


I haven’t read through the full thread or tried out the keymap myself, but one thing I gathered from skimming it is that this was chosen:

Ctrl key modifier is used to subtract the selection
Alt key modifier is used for the lasso selection

Shouldn’t that be reversed? Generally Ctrl is associated with growing a selection, not shrinking it, so it should instead be used for growing it with lasso. Alt is usually associated with subtracting a selection, like in Photoshop’s lasso, marquee, and quick selection tools.

Apologies if I am misinterpreting the current state of things from my quick skim of various replies in this thread.


I agree with this - the new select mode is pretty frustrating and very counter-intuitive (I thought it was a bug). If the idea is to make things more accessible to new users, this will cause frustration (the lack of click-drag-release). The addition of box select without the hotkey (B) is a nice alternative (when it works as jendrxych describes above), but if I have to lose the LMB-Click-Drag-Release functionality, I’d go back to having to use the B key for box select. The loss of click-drag-release is especially frustrating in Edit Mode - it slows me down dramatically.

On Box Select, it would also be nice to have a preference where you can choose to have the box select everything that’s touched, or, only things that are completely enclosed.

I would suggest putting the Context Menu on RMB with a modifier - such as Alt+RMB (this is how it is in XSI) and leave placing the 3D cursor on RMB.

(On a side note, I’m aggressively trying to get some professional artists I know converted to Blender, and something like the lack of a tweak mode is going to freak them out)


Ipad, Support (Duet Display)

Pablo brought up tablet users in the video today, so I thought I would raise some awareness of issues using an Ipad (Duet Display) with Blender. I recommend the Ipad over Wacom to anyone using Zbrush, Photoshop, Maya, and Unity, yet it conflicts with my most recommend program being Blender. The breaking difference is that the Ipad does not detect the pen as it hovers like it would with a Wacom or mouse and that is something Blender inherently relies on. The other issue it that it only has left click and no other buttons (the other software support touch where in Blender you won’t even be able to navigate.) Ipads are getting more popular in the industry with good reason, and though it might not be the most common in the Blender community, I think getting Blender to work on such a minimalist device would benefit everyone, the same reason why people find Zbrushes so intuitive.


You don’t really combine them. You LMB-Click-Drag out a box and items are selected (in Object mode), and then you choose what you want to do with those selections (G, S, R, delete, duplicate, etc, etc).

It works almost the same in Edit mode with the exception that in Edit Mode you have the ability to “tweak” - i.e. click-drag-release components.


I just tried out the build and it looks like it is current setup is:

Box Select
New selection: LMB
Add selection: Shift + LMB
Subtract selection: Ctrl + LMB

Lasso Select
New selection: You can’t
Add selection: Ctrl + RMB
Subtract selection: Ctrl + Shift + RMB

This is unfathomably confusing and inconsistent. It took me 10 minutes just to figure that out and write it here. Shift is used to grow selections usually, and that’s true for box select, but it actually shrinks the selection for lasso select. My mind had a hugely hard time juggling between which modifiers to press and then which side of the mouse to click. Why can’t box and lasso select behave the same way?

The industry standard, which everyone is used to, is that Shift is used to grow a selection, and sometimes so is Ctrl. So it’s a big no-no for Ctrl to be used for box deselection, and an even bigger no-no for both Ctrl and Shift being used for lasso deselection. The industry standard also uses Alt for deselection (e.g. Photoshop’s lasso/marquee/quick selection tools), and that key is being entirely unused right now despite my intuitive urge to press it. And also, the whole point is that selection-related activities should be left click, so lasso select shouldn’t be confusingly bound to right click.

Proposal (changes bolded):

Box Select
New selection: LMB
Add selection: Shift + LMB
Subtract selection: Alt + LMB

Lasso Select
New selection: Ctrl + LMB
Add selection: Ctrl + Shift + LMB
Subtract selection: Ctrl + Alt + LMB

Here, everything is consistent. New/add/subtract works the same way, as intuitively expected: no modifier = new, shift modifier = add, alt modifier = subtract. This is how all regular software works, and what users expect. To get a lasso selection instead of a box selection, the user simply has to hold the Ctrl modifier. Simple and intuitive.

From what I can tell from the footer mouse hints and my experiments, this key mapping does not conflict with anything. Alt seems to be basically unused, so there should be no trouble using it as the deselect modifier.