Left click select keymap


Then I can’t see how deselecting all can work efficiently the way it;s implemented now.
There’s always a trade off - the method proposed by me does not require keyboard involvement and is friendly for users of tablets and styluses.
I mean the whole proposed solution: https://blenderartists.org/t/blender-2-8-is-now-fully-usable-with-left-click-object-selection/1134496/116?u=jendrzych


It wouldn’t work properly. Like the example I showed above, I’m starting new selections while there are points still selected. If I had to deselect everything just to start a new selection, that would be a nightmare.

Besides, the issue is that we are not just talking about the Box Select tool. It’s about the selection tools as a whole. Circle and Lasso should also have an option to display the transform gizmo. I think it’s simpler that way, and would avoid future conflicts with certain tools and workflows.

Just a simple checkbox to show/hide the gizmo included in the selection tools would save the day.


If you use a tablet you can already tap on things to select them directly. The idea of having to deselect to select something new would also make using a tablet more annoying.


What you are suggesting doesn’t fit with the general concept of the active tools system where the gizmos are part of the tools. It’s also arbitrary, because users might want to then also add other tools inside the Box Select tool, not just the Move gizmo.

However, we could support this type of interaction by including a Drag Action option in the Transform tool to do Box Select.

In general the issue with this kind of interaction, is that the gizmo really gets in the way. If you try and box select certain vertices, the gizmo will block them, and so you have to constantly hide the gizmo, which defeats the purpose of this kind of thing.


I really can’t see how TheRedWaxPolice’s handy suggestion doesn’t fit here.
The selection tools in the toolbar are basically active tools, and I agree that they should have an option to show the transform gizmo. This is a tremendous life saver. I really miss this feature from other packages.
Also I don’t think it getting in the way is a huge deal, and if it is, then the option to show the gizmo could come disabled by default. Problem solved I think.


Well, the gizmos are part of the tool. The move gizmo appears when you activate the move tool.

So it should be the other way around - there can be a way to do box selection while other tools are active, rather than sticking the move gizmo into the box select tool. And yes, that should not be the default, either way. The paradigm is that each tool sets a gizmo and a drag interaction


this is a bug right not the intended behaviour? you have to box select the entire edge.


Yes I think that’s a bug yes. It’s not an intentional change that I’m aware of. The same issue also applies to RMB select, so it’s not directly related to this keymap.


Box selection as Drag action for Move tool and “sticky keys” for circle, lasso and box could be nice combination for initial testing.


It’s ok to support that, but shouldn’t mandatory to mix tools just to do basic things like that.
The selection tools they need to be complete, and the transform gizmo is what is missing there.
This is a huge limitation not having it. It seems like the selection tools were designed with just keyboard manipulation in mind, which is bad.


I like that. We could have an option to toggle between both behaviors. C4d has it. :v:


I have to say that I liked it more by default to have the cursor to the right click instead of the menu. But as much as I think it is better for new users to have everything in the left click and a contextual menu in the right.


it’s not accurate though, if you miss like one pixel it won’t select that might cause frustration for some.


I like the context menu on the right click.
The one thing the devs could do to improve it is to make it customizable.
Basically those menus (mesh menu etc) they should behave like the quick favorites, so we could add or remove things on those menus. Because right now some of the items in those menus are useless or not used very often.


Maybe. But that’s my preferred method. :v:


I can’t see why that could not be added as an option to the selection tools, to either select whatever the selection box touches (as Blender has always done it), or only things that are covered completely inside the selection. What could we call such an option?


“Tolerant Selection” is the common name for that.

When activated, you don’t need to cover the entire object/component to select.
When it’s off, we get the current behavior.


selection threshold,
selection endpoints.
edge hotspot distance.


This works pretty well so far, guys. On the 17 Nov build, Blender is still hurt pretty badly by the lack of a dedicated deselect key. Ctrl + click to deselect would work well. It’s painful to try to remove an object from your selection set only to make it the active object, then clicking again only makes the object behind it the acive object. It’s almost impossible to deselect something in this program. I have to find some view angle that works such that there is no object behind the object i need to deselect. It’s really painful and makes working with dense scenes incredibly slow.

The right click specials menu is great. I now wish there was a lot more in the specials menu. Maybe a limited number of tools and operators such as right clicking in face mode and having extrude, inset and bevel right there would be amazing.

Otherwise, so far this is very promising. I can’t stop right clicking to select now…that’s another issue.


Click on an empty space to deselect needs to land asap. :smile:

Here’s what we need: