Left click select keymap


Blender 2.8 includes the full 2.7x input option as a choice. If you like some things from 2.7 and others from 2,8, you can make your own and combine the things you like, or use either of them.


The way you quoted just that part of the sentence which alone isn’t really what I was saying I’m not sure if what I meant came across properly. I actually meant OR Industry standard as the name of a toggle.

So when Left Click is chosen, in the pref menu, like how we now have a checkbox for “A” key behavior, to have one that flips between “Industry Standard” or “Blender” keys to decouple the keys from the click is what I was trying to say.

I absolutely am going to customise things it would just be nice to have left click with 2.8 keys as a base to start from out of the box when making a new keymap, than starting from legacy or from the industry standard.

It’s easier to discover what I like and what I want to revert or change by using new than the other way around.

Hope that was clearer.



i didnt read everything but i think the double left click concept is missing
really simple idea , ive made it up myself in blender shortcut editor for years

double left clicking in edit mode = island select
i thinkits quite the norm

also , i think that another norm is also missing from blender , the common box select from left to right and from right to left , its quite really frequent either , and here was my post about it on RCS , that have quite a lot of upvotes https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/PMbbbc/better-box-selection

Also about double clicking , it could have its use in the object mode either
for example : double clicking in object mode is selecting the whole “group” of object , either parent +child , or layer ?
or in other software , double clicking on a group is entering inside of it , like a folder , we could consider a double left click as a way of entering inside of blender ?
anyway its just for saying that double left clicking could bring a lot to blender



I suggested a way of implementing that, without losing the current functionality.


Just be careful becoming reliant on too many double-click hotkeys. They stop working when the interface gets laggy.
As an example it’s more worthwhile training yourself to use ‘alt+a’ for deselect than the ‘A’ double tap, if at some point you might end up working on a dense mesh the double tap will stop working.

I suspect it’s a threading issue, or a windows issue, if it could be worked out at all.


It’s a current problem in blender implementation of the edit mode and when you have a lot of objects.


Did this get implemented yet? I downloaded the last nightly build to give it a good spin but could not find the option. The default blender 2.7X preset with left click still gives me box select which was not what I expected.

I can understand the reasoning behind “default” lmb on blender 2.7X preset but… after spending a considerable amount of time in the preferences I still could not figure out how to get grab’n’drag on the lmb in the 3d viewport.

I’d love to hear if this is implemented yet, and if so where/under what name I can find this. As it is I still can’t really give 2.8 a run for its money. :slight_smile:


If you use the Select tool you get the old behavior. Select Box is still the default though. We haven’t (yet?) added an option to choose your preferred default tool.


Oh brilliant it was right under my nose!

Being able to set a default select tool (mode?) sounds handy but I am already helped with this.

Thank you so much for listening to us tablet users and implementing it so soon. I am totally chuffed!


I also have this problem moving from other software to blender throughout the day. Any 2d program and many 3d programs use that gesture for panning. If I use grease pencil I can seriously mess up the drawing by rotating a little and there’s no undo for view changes.

I’m glad it’s not just me that has this problem.


I’m trying to set the RMB + click drag to lasso select but I haven’t been able to find a way…

I just realized that if you don’t have the select tool selected (so redundant I know), the only way to do a lasso select is to CTRL + RMB click and drag and CTRL + SHIFT + RMB click and drag which isn’t consistent with SHIFT to add and CTRL to subtract…

Anyone have any idea how to accomplish this?


also what’s a bit not into the norm is this idea of Toolshelf with “keep doing the action of the tool if tool is selected” dont get the traditional escape key to go back to the “tool fre zonel”


I’ve been playing with recent builds and I want to give a HUGE +1 to this. :nerd_face:

And also add that box select should be the default behaviour if I click and drag on empty space, independent of which tool is active (B to activate box select should still be available also, as sometimes there’s not empty space on the viewport because of being too close to the mesh). If I don’t have anything selected and instead of click+drag on a vertex to tweak it I perform click+drag on empty space it should activate box selection, this way box selection and direct selection won’t have to be separate tools, and could also be used when any other tool is active.

So with other tools for example, let’s say I want to bevel several edges, so I activate the bevel tool, click+drag on empty space to box select the edges I need and then click+drag ON the edges to do the bevel. Or I could just directly click on an edge and drag to perform the bevel operation. Both behaviours shouldn’t be separated into different tools but be activated depending on where I click, and if I drag or just release after the click.

I guess what I’m saying is, selection should not be considered a tool in itself, so the user doesn’t have to switch between selection and moving (or scaling, extruding, beveling, etc).
Hope this can be looked into for future versions :smiley:


Hello, i’m testing left click select with the the last build ( 29 November “8850875866a” ).

  • In the 3D viewport with “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” enabled i cannot move/translate the camera ( with mouse + keyboard ): i would use Alt + Shift + Left mouse click ( i can rotate with Alt + Left mouse click and zoom with Alt + Ctrl + Left mouse click).

  • With the “old” Circle select ( “C” Key) i cannot de-select with CTRL + Left mouse click ( it works only with the “new” Circle select tool Shit + Spacebar + C ).

  • I would expect to be able to scroll the timeline playhead with left mouse click ( maybe with ALT + Shift + Left mouse click, in particular using the pen/tablet as input ).


I agree completely. There should be a way to quickly go back to the default tool. Currently that’s box select which should be fine. A lot of programs use right click, but that won’t work here since you will want to have a tool active and still be able to open the contextual menu. I’ve seen escape key and enter key used as well.


The W key does that.


I was coming here to report that the w key doesn’t open the specials menu, which is what I thought you meant. This is good, though. W switches to the select tool and then cycles through selection modes once it is active. Very nice. I like this.


in every program i know the escape key is the “go out of the tool and go back to default selection mode” people will get frustrated if the escape key dont get them to the “safe space”


It’s not a bad idea that escape swap the activetool to select tool. Except when you use the active tool and only cancel the actual movement.

But also it’s true that could be a shit in some workflows.


Box select for everything is not ideal. But you can fake raycast selection using RMB as I do, which I think is more efficient than box select in this situation… But of course you stick with box select…