Left click Default?


what do you mean completely different? it’s not different from other softwares at all…the concepts are the same, it’s just has differnt functionality which other software specialized in it and in some cases it’s weakness because those features are not fully matured and go against the devlopement in the future cough BGE… and it was never easy for any new user before but now it will be.


That sounds great, but it is not based on fact at all. People build on known experiences. Things that make them feel their past experiences aren’t helping them are seen as a hurdle. Some people don’t like to jump hurdles. Others just don’t bother.

I picked up blender many times throughout my career to see how it was progressing, clicked a few times trying to select objects when nothing happened I closed the software and didn’t download again for a year or so. Sometimes I would get past this hurdle only to find another extremely odd behavior and walk away. I’ve talked to many, many people in various industries who had the same experience. If you didn’t have that experience, consider yourself lucky. Your experience is not the norm, though.

I never had issues this big moving to another piece of similar software. When I switch from Imagine to the DOS version of 3ds, no problem. From 3ds to 3ds Max, no problem. I switched many times for various projects and new employers. No problems with Maya, Lightwave, Truespace, Modo, Messiah. No problems using unity or unreal. Blender, however warped my brain. I worked through it because of the built in fluids, smoke, and overall stability, but I stayed because after several weeks, I actually was faster working in blender than 3ds Max.

In 2013 I downloaded 2.6x and forced myself to work through a complete ad project using the software because I had seen some impressive renders and I was starting to be hurt by major bugs in 3ds Max and other Autodesk software. During this project I, like probably half of the other blender users in this situation, made a custom keymap to make left click select work. I didn’t switch to right click select until very recently. I do see the benefit of working like that, but I’m afraid this hurdle is so high to most people that blender isn’t given a fair chance.

You may have to make a few extra statements at the beginning of your tutorials to let the viewer know what keymap you’re using and maybe refer your viewers to a document or other video that explains how the keymaps differ, but the entire time I was using blender with left click select, I never had an issue following tutorials. Not at all.

This change is a good thing for Blender overall. I’m sorry you don’t like it. Whenever there is change, people feel left behind.


when I say completelly different, I mean, all concepts about interface are different, or used to be.
it was easier to learn blender because it used to follow its own logic, a logic what were easy to grasp. If youi go with Microsoft’s standards you can only grasp knowledge that is usefull for common applications, but for 3D its better to have its own logic, like a game.


the UI is still the same dude,it’s just now more consistent and elegant.u still have the same paradigms, same editors with some are now better like merging timeline with dopesheet which makes you select keys now(don’t you like that change?), box select work as expected…etc it’s just takes time to get used to it, that’s all.


Let me give my real examples, I have two colleagues, one is zero experience using any 3d software before, he just use Nuke for comping, the other one is so experience using 3ds Max, Zbrush, enough knowledge of Maya and other dcc, except Blender.

Short story, I teach them Blender.
The guy who doesn’t have any 3d experience doesn’t complain much, but before I teach him, he kept think Blender is awesome but he doesn’t know how to operate it because it’s using Right Click ! :smile: .
But the other guy really see Blender like a crap, because he tried it before, he just think Blender just good at previewing the asset like Marmoset and have fast preview rendering. For modeling, Big No for him, everytime I said press this and that shortcut, he will complaint at me and said “I need menu’s, I don’t want to remember all this things”. And he kept saying Blender modeling doesn’t good. But when I show him webpage about Industry Compatible Keymap, he smiled at me and said “Finally…”.

So, big differences between new comers from really new user and experienced user.


@jeanDaCosta Blender is literally gaining millions of new users because of 2.8. You should be happy. :wink:


@ThinkingPolygons I will only be happy if those users be able to learn blender in its full potential and take the last drop of quality out of it!


oh don’t worry… it’s the skills tha pushes blender quality like this one
and BTW he uses LEFT Click Select so there is no problem in that.



brecht just confirmed that… if u develop addon u have special… option to develop diffrent type of code for left click and right click users… Now developers have to make addon that works good for both users… i wonder how many people will acctualy do this and how many will just stick with left or right…


As long as right click is fully supported it really doesn’t make a difference which one is the default one. Blender still feels like blender but more polished so no harm done.

Honestly when I look at 3ds max and blender its the former that looks clunkier. Menus upon menus and a sea of icons. It looks hard to learn :wink:

Good tutorials should explain the process instead of just bursting out key presses anyway. Heck, you can even follow good tutorials made for modo or maya. It’s all about the concepts and tools are just tools.

Personally I’ve never had a problem with right click but who am I to tell people how they wanna work. So as long as we’re not forced to switch to left, I don’t see a reason to force other people to do the opposite.

I’m pretty sure some developers use right click themselves so I think we can sleep soundly without fear of being left in the dark.


So perhaps you’ll have little problem to retrain to left click workflow. But that’s even unnecessary: right click is still there!


my fear is that some day, right click stop being supported and I would be forced to use left, which in no way I am going to allow.


That’s a long way away if it happens at all.


It’s very strange that your colleagues have no complaints about blender and were satisfied with redrawn icons and few hotkeys. I see no reason why previously users couldn’t learn blender with old keymaps yes they are different but when you are novice it doesn’t matter in which application to fool around they feel equally alien from the start.


hell, seems like the only solution is to stick wih a custom keymap and hope it keep working regardless of the possible future deprecations and changes.
unfortunally that way I will never be able to teach blender basics as I planed.


Someone give this man a hug please, he desperately needs it.


intresting that no one seems to see the bad side of the thing. I am really the only one who fear the long run, you guys seems to enbrace any change without any doubt that it will eventually fail just because they were designed by “professionals”.


Well, it was more about presentation.
Houdini showreel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m358HS6f_TA
Blender showreel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIiY6aGefvI

And no, they have complaints about Blender, its just harder to argue when they see the change (eevee for example)
They are pros, so they didn’t like when Blender was too different. They are mostly Max and Maya users.


sorry if I misinterpreted are you saying that maya and max users are pros but native blender users dont?


My mistake.
They are used to different approach then Blender has.