Left click Default?


I never said that.
I only said that Right click should stay the default because it had years to evolve into a unique workflow along with so many artists, you might negate but although its a bit unintuitive its way more efficient, if new users keep learning it, the comunity can keep growing by itself, since new users will ask help to dominate it, they will be better artists.


Absolutely. I just said it would be a nice thing and why. I didn’t mean that it needs to happen at all costs or Blender is ruined forever.

It’s just that I can see very obvious effort to make sure the first impression factor of Blender 2.8 for new users is as flawless as possible. :slight_smile:


expelliarmus!!! Don’t come casting spell on me cause you think different !


All new users are already biased. Because for sure they used a browser to download Blender, where the left click is for selecting and right click for context menu. And an operating system to install Blender on, where left click is for selecting too.
I don’t think there is a way one could prove right click or left click is more efficient.

I think this is an extremely important, hard decision that will push Blender in the right direction to be a better software with bigger community.
Coming from Maya, for me a well integrated left click select and the industry compatible keymap in Blender means Christmas is coming early!

I believe there is an army of experienced artists and developers from the CG industry wanting to join the Blender world and the right click select was a big obstacle. This is a huge resource that Blender can benefit from.
For example, building free, open tools and plug-ins by the community is part of the Maya world for a long time.
Just here one can find about 5000 free plug-ins and scripts for Maya, some of them very sophisticated.
I’m sure the same people will write tools and help Blender development if Blender becomes part of their pipeline.


This is totally questionable imo. There’s no Truth on a mouse.
But again, I’m not even defending “left click”, I’m ok with rightclick too. I’m just against the label “done as autodesk does” which in this case doesn’t fit in my opinion


its simple why, right click is older.
new users might be biased on their enviroment but that doesnt mean they are biased inside blender.
by seeing a completely different software, they already assume its different in the way to use. making a new “sector” in their brains to store information about the software. making it more " standard" actually hurts the learning curve because they bring information about the other software to it, leading to wrong asumptions about the workflow.
basically, making it faster to learn and slower to master.


There is an issue with left click.
With activated tool, like 3D cursor for example, you can’t select objects. You must hold shift (unpractical) or press “W” for selection tool (uncomfortable).
User must be always able to select.

Blender UI paper cuts

This is not an issue imo. :slight_smile:


It’s a mystery for me as well i don’t understand the reason behind those changes in keymaps, shuffling icons, introducing unnecessary categories in preferences, single/double columns who cares? It was hard to get used to blender but here we go again, relearning things that were already known)


Yes, that’s the same issue I have with the selection being under a tool.


At my work, boss wants to switch from Maya to Blender. There are only 3 people in the company, who can use blender and is rooting for this change. Everyone else is against it.
After few months I showed them this “new” Blender. They didn’t say anything, they didn’t have words.
Because Blender was almost never used in industries. And now, with Evee and those shortcut/UI changes all users can learn Blender. People, who couldn’t understand Blender and threw it away long time ago are in a shock.
Like my colleague said: “It’s time to learn Blender an Houdini guys!”


I’ve never seen one that said “now using your RIGHT mouse button select the cube and delete it.” They usually say “select the cube and delete it.”


i use plenty of 3D apps like fusion 360… houdini… zbrush… and blender… and i never had problem that blender is selecting with right click.


Thats the problem, people make a fuzz that blender is hard when actually, the more you care about, the harder it is.
There are alot of people out there who already passed throught the hard learning part and developed plenty of didatic tutorials that cuts the learning curve to a few days but now everything is thrown in the trash because someone think that can predict what the userbase really wants.

I am not against left keymap, I am against making all the turorials/knowledge out there deprecated just because of a damn “default standard”


it takes time to learn and adjust to anything not just blender…however making blender work in a normal way like any other app on the planet is a + and opens doors for many people who had hard time in the first place, tutorials or not they’ll all be deprecated and few years from now on, new techs will emerge ,like VR/AR for example it will change things immensely even how you educate yourself.


You might be right about the new tech but.

From personal experience… Its a benefit blender looking like a software from another planet, it needs to be different it is different, many tutorials from other software dont apply to blender, it has its own way of working.

If the user assume blender is like any other software (which isn’t) he will assume he can use the knowledge gained from other tutorial (which can’t), and that will lead to actual frustration.


I think we can now all agree to just use left click select, especially for people who make a beginner tutorials, because it’s more common on every selection action. I believe once they become expert they watch a tutorial without thinking again about selection. See Gnomon Workshop, mostly they won’t talk about this shortcuts.

I know some people who already used blender for long time doesn’t have any problem switching to other dcc, I myself also feel like that, it’s not so hard to jump between those apps. But I am always welcome to adapt my behavior to Left click to make a tutorials again after 7 years using and teaching Blender using Right click.

Also thinking about Blender shortcut I believe it’s still the same between Left or Right click selection, just that Specials Menu(W) change to right for Left click user, other than that still the same, like G, R, S then axis, then value.


I got used with blender selection mode after one day playing arround with it, its cool that you can work so fast clicking Rigth dragging vertices and comfirming with left, I think I aint smart enought to just learn a keymap that is hard, its not hard at all!

What is hard is assuming blender works like maya or autocad, this is hard!


what kind of logic is that??? it seem you are the only one who has hard time on this, i used many softwares before blender 2.8 and i had no hard time to jump in excpet for it’s keymap and navigation which is now changing…and i don’t think any one will follow tutorials from other softwares to apply them on blender but rather understand the concepts of how things are done…blender shouldn’t stay alienated it doesn’t help anyone, u should let go of this way of thinking.


You didnt get, Blender isn’t alienated, its just completelly different which means it free to do whatever you want.
Blender is so alienated that its actually easier to learn, your mind is clean about blender when you first see it, you dont have assumptions about its behaviour, you dont have to repeat stuff to get, or at least it used to be that way.