Left click Default?


PS there is an issue when i do a clean install on OSX. I did not get the quicksettings menu in the splash screen. It only showed when i had set my settings and saved this and then moved/deleted “userpref.blend”.

Also i see a lot of fuzz about left being the default, for me right was the default when i start blender 2.8

Using this hash

PS is it really 50/50 with LMB vs RMB??? My guess it was perhaps 10/90 orso. I know perhaps one guy which uses LMB but he also hacked ALL key codes and made tons of adjustments, HEAVYPOLY has a complete different approach using blender. They are pretty cool to watch, but switch is super hard i guess. I also remember some one guy which made a custom setup with all kinds of new menus. He said after switching it took a couple days but he was way faster modelling afterwards. But that was perhaps 1 or 2 years ago.

I already have hard time couping with this new layout. Im glad i can still keep the RMB, as i pointed out for me this was default on OSX. Im also curious whats gonna happen to tuts now. Perhaps de icons on the bottom should show the action al long with the button. Because this will depend on the preset now.


I feel betrayed with this.
I have learned blender the way it is
Left handed ,using the right hand, clicking with the right mouse button,reading and watching english tutorials.
Then they change it to be friendly to new users coming from autodesk softwares.
Obviusly the right click will be left.
At least blender will have more support.


Another good reason to implement a “back to quick setting” button in the regular splash screen.

See here.


The setup splash screen only happens if you never used 2.8.

The way this works technically, is that Blender looks for the 2.8 library folder, which is generated when you use it the first time.

If there is already a folder, Blender deduces that you are already using it, and so you won’t see this setup screen. If there is no folder, it knows that you never installed 2.8 before, and so you see that screen.

On the Mac, this folder is in Library/Application Support/Blender. If you delete your 2.8 folder and relaunch Blender, you see it.

So, it’s prerry simple. It could be even smarter somehow, but probably not worth it. These options are identical to what you can find in Preferences anyway - it’s mainly useful for when you install Blender on a new machine, and you can then set up the very basics in a quick way.


Few important questions i have to blender developers.

First. As plugin creator does it means that now i have to make interface and workflow in my plugin both for left and right selection or is this handled automaticly by api?
next question kinda links with first one. by makeing left as defult does that mean that all later blender development will be done with left clicking in mind. that means that right click select will be pain to use in future like it was till 2.8 with left click. because i personally don’t belive that u will develop program for left click and right click there will be allways bias. and main setup…

and the biggest problem with 2.8.
you wanted to make it easy for new people. by changing exactly everything? there is to change… so old tutorials are no longer valid. means with lunch of 2.8 there will be like 0 tutorials for it. I don’t know how is this user friendly exp for new comers. And as a tutorial makeing person… what should i choose left right? i mean this is really wird. and chaos.

i think blender should stay right. so at least one thing is as it was… and just give option on lunch for left and that is all.

it is not really about pros because we can handle the changes… but new people and general future development it will be clusterfuck in longterm… and i simply don’t belive in option to have left or right select workflows. because it is just to big problem to dill with. We have to just choose one.


I think that the initial splash screen with LMB/RMB setup should be at the very least reset for final beta release. There may be a lot of people, who gave 2.8 a try in early alpha with some high expectations, and were left disappointed by input mapping not being improved yet. They may want to give Blender another try once Beta release makes waves, but since they already ran 2.8 once, the folders are created so such people won’t see that new choice.


Oh come on, will you guys stop this nonsense?
I’m maybe biased since I feel comfortable with either modes, but claims like this are really ridiculous.
I’m one of those that advocate “don’t follow mainstream just because it is mainstream”, but really, come on! Left click is coming from everywhere! any software out there, beginning with operating systems.


Right click select will continue to be supported.

This is why this change was done now rather than later. 2.8 is so different anyway that many tutorials are outdated in any case. It’s best to do these big overhauls in chunks as much as possible. Besides, we cannot let old tutorials hold development back, or we could never improve or change anything.

Blender has had an option for left or right selection for over a decade.


You are biased, sure me too,
let me say something.

When I used blender for the first time I quickly learned the left ckick way to do stuff and being honest, its much more efficient and comfortable.

The argument that left is the default in all systems is like saying that left is better when actually it right is just more efficient, left is just more popular.

My main concern is that new users that learn the left keymap will not be as good as they could be if they use the Right click.


i know i use blender since 2.4x my point is just because there was option it was not working at all… i mean what in last days devs are doing… makeing left select acctualy workable so when u switch for left select the blender works. normally back in time well just in 2.79 if u switch to left select the workflow is just terrible as hell. now they are fixing that and changed most of the stuff, so left is now def. Yes u can switch now back to right for example… but the addons the other new features that will born… will be designed with left select in mind. so if u switch to right select or stay with right select. u will have terrible UX.

do u get my point like. This is huge change left or right selection. because it is not just oposite switch that left click does right click and right click does left click. because that would be hella simple.

what they have done is… replace left click function with right click function and for the right click function they put menu. And if u stick with right selection. u don’t get menu on left click.

u see the point? It is not just what button does selection nope. it is whole diffrent workflows. And sadly but i don’t think blender have time to develop 2 workflows at the same time. i mean jiz. they don’t even have time to do proper documentation of blender it self…


So you are saying that you would like Blender to work badly?


No, he is saying that there is a huge chance that right click could get deprecated, leaving many users who use it without an workable option.


There are no plans to remove right click selection, or making it worse.


i am saying that. people don’t realize how big problem this is.

it is not just mirror switch. If u choose left selection. u got tottaly difrent workflow/UX. on right click u have menu… and with left click u have selection and some other stuff.
if u choose right click selection… u don’t have menu on left click… u have 3D cursor and other stuff etc etc.

those are 2 tottaly diffrent workflows. and by makeing left click a defult u are forcing one workflow over another. it is not just hotkey change. it is workflow change. And Blender and other developers will probably not design for 2 workflows in mind. they will design for workflow that most people use… and now question is… do we all switch to left… or do we stay with right…

points is… left button in blender is really important… and whenever u override it with some other thing… it changes workflow by a lot. If the change would be from right click to middle click selection there would be no problem. but left click makes problem as left click was designed for very important stuff in blender. and now… this stuff have to be moved somewhere else.


not yet but soon, remember bge?..


Technically that is not trivial because of the way it works - you can just delete the 2.8 folder if you really want to reset everything. It could be smarter, but not sure it’s worth it.


imho, we should have no default. when you start blender, new users need to choose between one or another, and if they dont choose and click save user preferences, there shoud be a message saying “You must choose a selection method” it will make sure users arent biased and that could avoid bad design problems in the future.


Yes, I know I can, but I am afraid that most people who don’t really follow Blender development and all the forums but have already tried 2.8 at least once will have no idea such a thing exists :slight_smile:


Yes, well, you are right that would be nice if it reset itself. But we also have actual bugs and interaction issues to deal with :slight_smile:


you missed my point: it was about it’s not true that the change is done after autodesk, which is a nasty label given to many 2.8 UI improvement/changes