GSoC 2021: Porting Popular Modifiers To Geometry Nodes: Weekly Reports

Hello everyone! This is the Weekly Reports thread for my GSOC project: “Porting Popular Modifiers To Geometry Nodes.”

More coming soon.


Week 1
Studied the Code from remesh, solidify and decimate modifier.
Made some initial mockups for how the nodes could look like.
I created the corresponding tasks on
⚓ T89050 Solidify Node
⚓ T89051 Decimate Node
⚓ T89052 Remesh Node

Started to work on the solidify node to test how to generalize functions between Modifier and Node and especially how to handle masking which is done with vertex groups using DefVerts in the modifiers and with attributes for the node.
Pushed the initial branch: origin/gsoc-2021-porting-modifiers-to-nodes-solidify
And uploaded a WIP-Patch (because I like to work with this on Phabricator) ⚙ D11575 Geometry Nodes: Solidify Node


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Week 2

Started to look more into Remesh and Decimate and initialized branches for both with the basic node setup.

Made the solidify nodes layout a bit nicer e.g. made it a bit wider so that Thickness and Boundary are not cut.

Removed simple mode from Solidify node and removed Mode dropdown

Fill and Rim options are now independent an both positive. Before it was Fill and Rim Only before, with Rim Only only working when Fill was pn.

Generalized output vertex groups in the solidify code and made it work with attributes in the node. Note that what part of the model is rim and what part of the model is fill is not quite obvious and maybe can be optimized later. For now I keep the behavior same as the Modifier.