GSoC 2020: Production Ready Light Tree - Feedback and Suggestions

This thread is for discussion of the Production Ready Light Tree GSoC project. Track project on the weekly reports thread.


Hello! Wish you luck on this project. It’s looking promising from a user perspective.

I have one question. Project is mentioning volumes, but volumes as scatter/absorbtion objects only or emissive volumes as well?

I don’t see any obvious way to add emissive volumes to the light tree. It’s possible this could be added in the future, but for now supporting volumes means sampling the light tree after a scatter/absorption event in addition to surface events.

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Hey, your works seems super insteresting, I hope you bring this to master and it’s commit ready when the GSoc finishes, it’s an important feature for Cycles :smiley:

In the meantime, is it possible to extract the feature as a patch or there are so many modifications that makes it rather complex to apply?