GSoC 2020: Outliner Discussion and Suggestions

So it’s probably too late to post in this thread now, and it’s perhaps the wrong place anyway, but:


I have a file with a lot of collection instances (generated by import_3dm).

  1. If I select a collection instance and then in the outliner do “show active”, the outliner correctly jumps to the instance.
  2. I then filter by its name to find the “original” collection (don’t know of any other way… a “show link source” would be nice, though it’s perhaps not very common to link within the same file?)
  3. Then I select the original collection in the outliner and choose “select objects”.
  4. The 3D view now correctly shows the objects highlighted, but even if I remove the name filter, the outliner still jumps to the instance if I choose “show active” again.

Also, I’m guessing that even in 2.90.1 no “linked” icons (the chain looking things) made it in? Because right now, it’s terribly confusing (and it would seem logical to click on the link icon to jump to the original).


I have a pretty simple proposal, please add Batch Rename under the right-click options. The current menu location has no relation to the Outliner, and the hotkey takes way to much troubleshooting.


I don’t know if it fits here, but it would be nice to have the shortcut for new collections ( C ) mentioned in the context menu of the Outliner Editor. I only found out there’s a shortcut for this action because Pablo Vazquez mentioned it in a Blender Today stream.

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@natecraddock Was it a decision to not do the drag and drop from the outliner into the sequencer, or did you run out of time?

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Yes. Sadly I ran out of time to do some of the smaller extras. But! I still think that improving the outliner sequence view is a good project. Drag and drop is a good start, but I think that the outliner-vse connection could be made even better than that. I don’t use the VSE regularly enough (or with complex enough projects) to make a detailed design task, but if one were made and approved I would be happy to help.


Users, like me aren’t allowed do design tasks on b.d.o and you would properly need a green light from the bf devs anyway, but let me know of I can help? Did you see that tut I did with using the scenes as footage bins?

It’s this video:

If the d&d was implemented in the outliner, in most cases you wouldn’t need to switch scene, but you could just use the outliner.

You guys moved the exclude from the view layer to be with the restriction toggles.
Can we have the select box work from the gutter like it used to be, the previous exclude button position seems to prevent drawing from left side even after moving it.

You have to be close to the line to make the select box work.


And since i read you are now part of the UI team, here is an old suggestion from [GSoC 2019] of course if you have time for it.

I would like to suggest an idea for the visibility shortcut to be a toggle, same as the “eye” icon.
I personally prefer working with the shortcuts workflow. but unlike the 3d view in the Outliner we can select hidden objects but there is no way to unhide only the selected ones, ‘Alt+H’ unhides everything…so making ‘H’ hides & unhides selected objects/ collections like a toggle would improve the workflow a lot especially when you want to invert the hidden, select all and hit ‘H’.


Maybe this should be reported as a bug?

Closing this at Nathan’s request, there will be a new feedback thread for the changes merged into master.

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