GSoC 2020 : idea to improve the custom menu idea

@Tempo my suggestions are already in your todo list. Thankyou so much for doing this great work for blender and community.

One of the most anticipated features for me. More control over excellent Blender’s customization is what makes Blender imba!

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I’m viewing the images in the weekly report and the first thing that comes to my mind is - Wouldn’t it be easier for you and visually more logical to use something like the tree view in outliner or keymap editor to edit the menus?
Drag and drop to rearrange items would be appreciated :slight_smile:

@Tempo any updates or new builds i can test.

Hi everyone,

A lot of people are asking about addon management and/or topbar/sidebar. I am before all working on the basis of the editor so I don’t think I’ll be able to do much more. (it’s still good to propose and give your opinion thought as your idea can be implemented in the future, and by other developers.)

It’s already been talked about here T73178 (and it’s more likely that the keymap editor is the one that will be changed T68884).

It took me some time to implement the possibility to work on differents user menus but now it’s done so new features might come soon and more often. You can take a look at the weekly reports if not done already to stay updated.

Thank you for all the support !


Hi, Amazing work so far, I have a kind of UX suggestion.
Currently, when assigning the same shortcut to multiple ops blender picks the first one on the list.
I think making under the hood a new custom menu will be super cool.

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Hi everyone !
The Google Summer of code is finished and we hope the final version will please you.
Of course many improvements can be made and new features can be added, so I hope you will try the current build to report potentials bugs and crashes, as well as give feedback.
You can get a look at the final report here.

edit : link to the build

Thank for your feedback and suggestions !


I can’t wait to see it in master, it’s going to be a godsend! I see macro and custom bar were finally decided against, that’s too bad…do you know if there is any way to link a script as a menu item?

Anyway, great job, congrats! And thanks a lot for all the work you’ve put into it!

great job, this will improve UX a lot!

Hi. I have downloaded the build (the 33bc2f738f604a24b57555c4acad80ea.7z file from GraphicAll) but when I launched Blender.exe, here is what I saw in the Preferences window :

… there’s nothing.

I believe you need to delete your user.prefs. The user pref save files are incompatible.

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Is this Project still in development, BTW?
I’ve just bought the sculpt- and paintwheel addon on the blender market and was reminded again how awesome this kind of customization thing can be for display tablet users.


hey @Tempo what’s the status? Or did you lose interest in this project? This was one of my favorite GSoC projects last year!


I mean … it seems that the project was somewhat finished but never finalized or pulled into the main branch:

Sad to see. It reads rather useable in it’s last state.
I’d really love to know just what the final status on this is. :no_mouth:


Yeah it would be useful to know what is missing for a merge in master. Idk who was the mentor of this project but maybe he could clarify what still needs to be done. Or @Tempo ?


Yeah, i dont understand why

Actually, pretty familiar team members also very ling team members of Blender Foundation
Campbell Barton, Dalai Felinto

The Code was so far from done and also had remaining todos, I checked the code recently and found main has changed a lot so bringing the code to current is a huge task and finishing the remaining TODOs will take a lot of time.


Aw damn. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Hope it might get picked up another GSoC or maybe even in a revamped design form. Thanks for checking.


What is the feasibility of stripping out most of the “wow” features, and trimming the code down to simply allow the user to 1) create an entry (which we can already do) 2) delete an entry (which we can already do) 3) change the order of the entries? (the crucial thing we cannot do)

In other words, without all the other “wouldn’t this be cool” laundry list of of requests that got added along the way, and ultimately created a project so large that it couldn’t be completed?