GSoC 2020 : idea to improve the custom menu idea

Hi, Amazing work so far, I have a kind of UX suggestion.
Currently, when assigning the same shortcut to multiple ops blender picks the first one on the list.
I think making under the hood a new custom menu will be super cool.

Hi everyone !
The Google Summer of code is finished and we hope the final version will please you.
Of course many improvements can be made and new features can be added, so I hope you will try the current build to report potentials bugs and crashes, as well as give feedback.
You can get a look at the final report here.

edit : link to the build

Thank for your feedback and suggestions !


I can’t wait to see it in master, it’s going to be a godsend! I see macro and custom bar were finally decided against, that’s too bad…do you know if there is any way to link a script as a menu item?

Anyway, great job, congrats! And thanks a lot for all the work you’ve put into it!

great job, this will improve UX a lot!

Hi. I have downloaded the build (the 33bc2f738f604a24b57555c4acad80ea.7z file from GraphicAll) but when I launched Blender.exe, here is what I saw in the Preferences window :

… there’s nothing.

I believe you need to delete your user.prefs. The user pref save files are incompatible.

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Is this Project still in development, BTW?
I’ve just bought the sculpt- and paintwheel addon on the blender market and was reminded again how awesome this kind of customization thing can be for display tablet users.


hey @Tempo what’s the status? Or did you lose interest in this project? This was one of my favorite GSoC projects last year!


I mean … it seems that the project was somewhat finished but never finalized or pulled into the main branch:

Sad to see. It reads rather useable in it’s last state.
I’d really love to know just what the final status on this is. :no_mouth:


Yeah it would be useful to know what is missing for a merge in master. Idk who was the mentor of this project but maybe he could clarify what still needs to be done. Or @Tempo ?