GSoC 2020: Custom Menus - Weekly Reports

Hi !
I’ll post the weekly report for the custom menus in this thread.
you can take a look at the proposal here, and give feedback and talk about the project here.

My branch is soc-2020-custom-menus and here’s the build

Week 1 : June 1 - 7

  • Section added in preferences
  • Added Space selector and context selector
  • The section display the items in the menu according to the space and the context
  • other buttons are set but not linked

next week objective : being able to add and remove an item and modify it.


Week 2 : June 8 - 14

  • You can select an item and change it’s name and operator
  • You can add an item
  • You can remove an item

next week objective : manage all kind of items (operator, menu, separator and properties) correctly.


Week 3 : June 15 - 22

  • you can move items up and down
  • you can change the type of the item
  • lot of cleaning and fixing
  • started sub menu management

next week objective : finish sub menu management and start to work on custom pie menu


Week 4 : June 22 - 28

next week objective: finish to implement pie menu and add macro


I am willing to help you out in every possible way on this project ,…since i ardently need this feature in blender 2.9 stable release…


Blender 2.90 alpha is currently in Bcon2 phase, which means no more new features can be added (only features improvements and stabilization). Maybe for 2.91… :man_shrugging:

Thank for your support !

Week 5 : June 29 - July 5

Sorry, I got sick this week so I didn’t do much, I still fixed some issues and added a menu editor for pie menus.

Next week objective : catch up last week objectives and work on items edition