GSoC 2018 - Bevel Improvements

the question is how hard to make it optional! because it seems two different sets of algorithms…we may need another bevel type to achieve it.

I agre with you now @Wazou , it’s not the perfect solution, but I also agree with @Alberto

It may not be the perfect solution, even there can be different patters to be picked so it generates different types of geometry that could be easier to clean or faster to work with.

It’s just that the correct solution just leaves it as is, and I though something along this lines could be helpful (as an option, yes)


P.S.: Sorry for disappearing, I had to go and I had not time until now to continue answering you, but Alberto did a great job :slight_smile:

I had an idea about bevel, with the option angle. it’s a range of angles: from to
e.g first bevel: from 45° to 60°
second one from 60° to 90°…
other idea
have the option angle in the F6 (now F9?) of ctrl+B because working directly in edit mode you don’t have access to this usefull option

About the angle suggestion:
I had not put the “limit bevel to …” kinds of options in the bevel tool because I figured one can just select the desired edges and then bevel them. E.g, use the ‘Select > Sharp Edges’ function (the Redo panel lets you adjust the angle threshold), then bevel. (And I know, this method won’t work because sometimes two vertices are selected for different sharp edges and the edge in between is automatically selected even if it isn’t sharp, because of Blender’s selection flushing rules.) Or you can use the modify and then apply it.

I suppose I could add such things to the too. I have been trying to not go crazy with adding options to either the tool or the modifier, as this makes for a confusing, harder-to-learn tool.

The range of angles is for the limit (rather than just: above this angle) is interesting and not something I’ve heard people ask for before. It seems rather limited in usefulness, so again I’d hesitate to add more options for something that would not get a lot of use.

As far as I can see if the GSoC about bevel profiles will be a success that will mean one can easily set up a different angle for the bevel just by adjusting one end point of the profile curve.

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Hi! Just so anyone following this thread knows, I made a thread for discussing custom profiles in the GSoC section of the forum.

Maybe it’s worth keeping this thread as a more general discussion, but it would be useful to have any profiles discussion over there. Thanks!


Hello, i’m maybe late to the party, but why an auto-merge option for verteces that go out of the limit never came out ? did i miss something ?

in this gif below is the step manually, selecting edges that go too far, in red in my image up there and merge it to the limit, which is the green verticle


it is in my long-term roadmap to do what you want here. It is quite hard to find a general solution to this problem, which is why it isn’t solved yet.

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if this problem will be fixed one day, itwill also fix other tools as well
same, verteces that go behind the limit could be stopped at the same kind of “green point” like in my drawing above, then merged once the tool not active

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Yes, the inset case is very similar. It is easier to solve, at least in cases like this where the insetting is all on one plane. I have python code that solves it. For a while I worked on a library for Blender that would be usable for both inset and bevel, solving this “merge on collision” problem. But it didn’t really work in the general bevel case, so I gave up on that path.


Ok I argue more
indeed select>sharp edges and that’s why, considering this, I was thinking about a further step selection based on a range of angles on the mesh, so different level of sharpness by intervals. and it could be added in the select sharp too and other tools.
let’s use the bevel modifier: select sharp edges works on no selection at start. so you can only select angles < ok maybe you can create a group, than unselect all, and do it again with an angle greater. no option group on bevel.
so the solution would be to apply the first bevel and than redo again select sharp on a greater angle and then add another bevel. problem what if you want modify this later seeing the final result?
other possibility in edit mode ok let’s apply it directly by angle that’s more modeling, and there is still ctrl Z…
in the opposite way what if I want to apply different levels on bevel on different selected parts?
there is the tool weigth of course but often I will select several edges and apply them a level of bevel. so group is much needed there.
so I think angles by intervall could be a new powerfull way to work. imagine how fast and simple it will be. you could even do a select sharp in edit mode doing ctrlB level 0 and set the angles so it will be as a select sharp.
too many options?
in Bevel modifier profil could only appears if level>1 it will be more explicative and we won a little of space
Mark seam/mark sharp/group could be 1 tab to developp with the name mark&group
when selecting by angle a new tab appears angle there is lot of space to add a button interval on the left to swith the right one from angle to angle range. sry for my english btw. I hope it will inspire you.

P.S: this is not the topic but I was looking edit scene for Auto_smooth because I add the idea to add there a last operation operator to call the angle (and even a switch for auto_smooth) when context is 3DView. I’m not strong enough to do it even if I did my first addon last week. nobody answer me but it will be a great idea because added to the quick favorite or a shortcut or a pie. automatically you could set the angle calling it.

did you ever tried the freeware design spark the bevel is working great maybe can be an inspiration

addddd - thanks for your thoughts. I will keep them in mind. Right now I have higher priority things to work on.


in fact without any change of interface if you could add a formula in the angle zone…

@Howard_Trickey the normals menu is great :100: thank you.

in regards to the mittering options this suggestion on RightClickSelect reads as DONE

is really the case ? are mittering options in Blender as good as the Maya bevel ones ? If not is it possible to further refine these. I cannot think of other aspect more important than mittering when comes to the actual tool not the modifier

Is great that Bevel is getting some even more love, No Bevel , no Power in modeling.

Yeah! I have tested mittering many times in Blender 2.8 and it works great! One of the best feature for modeling added in Blender 2.8

I’ve also noticed discussion about bevel behavior so I wanted to add few words from me. I agree with what @Wazou has said, cleaning those edges is easier and ngons aren’t really that big nightmare until your work on more anatomical, curvy shapes or surfaces. Blender really don’t need to go the same way that Maya or 3DS Max does - the bevel behavior that we have right now is really great, sometimes I have some issues with “poping up” vertex when I use Loop slide off, but I can deal with that on my own way.

Subdivision surface workflow is an idea and should be learned by practice how to use it in proper way. Be smart and use tools that already Blender have in the best way you can. Focus more on things that Blender devs could implement, add, rather than making another alternative of another alternative.


so youre saying blender users dont work that much on models where they want to preserve the curvature, and therefore there shouldnt be efforts in improving the bevel towards better results for that type of work ? With all due respect, if Blender has adecent reputation in a department that is the modeling one and like I said, No robust and reliable Bevel, no power… I dont want to think the mass of Blender users only makes low poly work, cartoonish characters etc. where fixing the bevel is not such big deal. I would like to hear some other opinions on the Blender bevel mittering from peoples that really can apreciate its worth.


Hello, sure, but it would be nice to see your examples where you show what bevel operator does wrong and comparison with corrected result.

Bevel mittering options are way better than they were, and do a good job with various cases. I did not work with maya, but from various examples it looks like blender bevel is a very decent alternative now. And it really makes my life easier.

Could be nice to have this option!