Grease Pencil Popup + Request for Vertex Color

Hi, this is a small popup for use with grease pencil and regular materials.

Toggle Stroke
Toggle Fill
Copy Material in 1 click
Materials and Layers together.

Ability to control grease pencil materials by vertex color (which is normally used for object material on the top left of this popup)


I’m all for this kind of smart menus!
Could be nice to have an option to keep it visible all the time too if user wants.

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In Blender we value consistency.

This particular design seems too messy and hard to decipher, but it could be interesting to try and design a consistent and clearer popup interface for controlling your active tool settings, for texture paint, vertex paint, weight paint, sculpt & grease pencil, etc.

As for vertex colours, Grease Pencil doesn’t have that, so there’s no way to make a GP material use them.

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could not we have a sort of “group” that incorporates all the various colors?
even at the visual interface level … it would already be very
a sort of “edit mode” for the levels and the number of sketches, etc.
it could also be functional for textures divided into layers in a hypothetical future interface for texture paint mode

cursor on “interface layer skethes” --> press “TAB”----> enter in single individual sketches colors list layer

cursor on “interface layer textures” --> press “TAB”----> enter in layer texure (which of course is also connected at the node level)

I’m definitely of your opinion, in a sort of quick popups scattered to speed up the process of creation, especially for more repetitive operations … the idea of heavypoly is not bad at all.
power users love these little things …

having these quick popups do not affect the classic interface

and can be optional and activated as addon, as usual …
hei wait there are already here hehehe… :grin:

Do you think it’s very consistent to have to duplicate the properties to have access to all the settings of a tool?
Or to have to use a specified layout to be able to work on a task?

Sorry, but I don’t.

That’s always the same with blender development, always have to place the tools everywhere in the UI for the sake of consistency, when you could have the tools in one place to be able to do your job.
Users want to work on the subject, not in the UI.

I did not understand what you mean

what created heavypoly is a script that groups quick tools to access for concrete advantage, tools that already exist in blender, and hooked them to a shortcut in a popup menu

I talked to billrey
The popup is nice.

ok sorry
I thought you were referring to my comment

Thanks for watching. The layout could be better, maybe I can remove the top left vertex color options if that won’t be happening for grease pencil. Popups in general are amazing… saving real estate and getting options under the mouse.

Right, as I said I think the idea of a consistent popup for controlling tool settings is a good idea, provided that it is consistent and more organized.

This would mean more advanced users can use Blender full screen more of the time.

We’d also have to decide on a consistent keyboard shortcut for all the modes to recall this kind of thing - our keyboard is quite fully utilised, so that’s not a trivial thing either.

It should not be reserver to only experienced user’s, everybody wins when the tools are easily available and not hidden somewhere in the UI.

Right now, on 2.8 you have to go in the UI all the time to add shader, match shader color and UI color etc.

You can add those popups on the space menu in fact, why not add an option for more controls if people want?

I always ask for that but I never have any answer.
Could it be possible to keep popup visible all the time?
I know blender devs are afraid of windows on the view, but I honnesly don’t see the issue.

What does this mean and how?

What is the advantage of a panel that is permanently floating on top of your content vs something non-overlapping that sits snugly on the side?

Floating panels are generally not a good fit for Blender. Blender’s always had a non-overlapping UI. Many panels are dependant on a certain tool or certain mode. If you had lots of floating panels in your viewport, they would flash and appear or disappear when you change context, resulting in a rather jarring experience.

If you had lots of floating panels in your viewport

Who talks about a lot of floating panels?
It’s always the same argument, we don’t want a lot of overlapping panels, windows etc.
We are talking about only one popup and it could disappear if the user change mode, I don’t see the issue.

Floating panels are not the devil, I use them all the time on Maya and other software and it’s not an issue, I also have 2 screens, like a lot of users.

If you work on full screen, you don’t want to have UI on the side, you want to call a tool on the 3dview as fast as possible and if you have some repetitive tasks, you pin the popup and do you the task and then close it when it’s done.

If experienced users use it, it’s because it’s effective.
If it’s effective for them, it’s effective for beginners.

I thought you did? If not, I misunderstood.

The thread is about a popup menu from HEAVYPOLY.

Who would want a lot of popups in the view?
That’s the same with floating windows on top, we ask for the feature and you think we want 40 floating windows when we just want one for an addon or preferences.

By the way, how do you edit the preferences since it’s not possible on 2.8 to call it as a view and when on windows it doesn’t stay on top?
It’s consistent to have to change the window each time we want to edit a setting, for a theme for example?

Right. I think having a consistent and clear popup to change active tool settings is a reasonable idea that we could explore - as long as it’s clear and consistent I think it would be good.

I thought you said you wanted that? I’m confused. Anyway, the popup thing is a reasonable suggestion, but the devil is in the details - which shortcut opens it, how is it organized etc.

You (and others) are welcome to contribute ideas on how this kind of thing would be consistently organized for our various tools & modes.

Like I said, Space, you can have the tools and the options.

Smaller for course and more like HEAVYPOLY’s popup.

How exactly though? A popup with lots of disclosure panels will probably not work well - then you’ll have to wade through the various options and panels, negating the speed of a quick popup. It also becomes really long, which I’m not sure is a good idea.

Do you see all the tool settings, or just a subset?

The spacebar is also already used for setting the active tool. If this was to be combined, how exactly? And again, how to organize it in a consistent way? To make the proposal more useful, these are the kinds of things that need to be solved.

well the Grease Pencil 2.0 had pie menus in previous builds with “D+Q” and “D+W” for the settings, but now they are removed for some reason, maybe u could leverage that for something like this popup one!

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