Geometry Node Spreadsheet Units - Metric Only?

My first post, sorry if it is in the wrong place… :slight_smile: Somewhat new to blender and have a very simple question, perhaps I’m missing something. I’m starting to work with Geometry nodes and if I create a simple 1x1x1 cube the spreadsheet reflects the vertex (0-7) positions correctly when the units are metric/meters. When I change the units to imperial/inches it appears the values are all based off metric values, i.e. 1" = .026 (probably really .0254 if the output was 4 decimal places). The spreadsheet appears to only reflect the metric equivalent of the imperial unit. If I wanted to leverage the data in the spreadsheet am I supposed to add in a math/multiply node to get real imperial values? Is this a bug or is this by design? I’m using Blender 3.4.1 on Win11…

Any response would be appreciated, thanks.

See this thread:

It would be great if this was improved, but currently attributes don’t have units associated with them internally. It would be reasonable to hard-code units for some attributes like position though, and provide an option for other columns. It just needs more development basically.

Rather, it is difficult to implement in general terms. You can add meters to radians, or combine geometries with an attribute of the same name but a different subtype.

Thanks for the quick reply thorn… I did read that post before I posted and I guess it is somewhat related but was referencing the spreadsheet, not node specific, where the values are not as it would seem when working in Imperial Units. I not mixing units so figured all values would be in the single unit I selected but I guess it is what it is. I did see you were on that thread you referenced so you are familiar… I guess I’ll just change the Units to None and in my mind 1=1". It’s all good, thanks…