Filmic as default is hurting the experience for people

the professional, the studio
what about the new user?
why can’t you think about the new user for a second?
the one who doesn’t have a portfolio with hundreds of arts?
the little guy just starting?

the professional wont have a problem with filmic
leave the bubble for a second and look outside

Maybe they are called “new users” for a reason…

Nobody expect to look at a “new user” render and go “WOW” not even the “new user” themselves.

The best “new users” are those who make lots of mistakes and learn from them.


so it shouldn’t be expected from them to know why things looks gray
would be quite confusing

What should be expected from them is, once they notice things looks grey, they would “search for why”


exactly, they first need to notice that things look gray, be confused and then search and learn about it
they can’t just use it and then if needed learn about filmic
a problem that can only happen to a new user

and I wish this problem is avoided
because a professional wont have this problem

a professional knows about shading, color management, texturing, lightning

a new user doesn’t

when the new user learn about these things he will understand the benefits of filmic
but not on day one

The new user should never ever go to standard, the standard use case is VERY specific, in your anime image the character is burned out in the shoulders, and there is no way to avoid that, that burn out is also present in the eyes or the noise, if you want more contrast use the high contrast profile, but to get proper colors you should learn to use Filmic.

If you go outside and make a photo of a house with a white wall during a sunny day, and during a cloudy day, and then you put one besides the other the wall won’t be of the same color in the picture AT ALL, Standard is not a good way of working, you will get over saturated colors, under exposure and over exposure in lighting.

A new user is that, a new user, and as a new user that new user has to learn why has to use Filmic, not rely on Standard because when it configures a red in the material it looks red in the render… it should not… light is everything and interacts with the material, and management is there to allow us to properly work with screens that are so limited that can’t show nothing not even similar to real color, no matter if you work with cartoon or with a photorealistic scene.


New users should go to standard, and the learn about the benefits of filmic

the character is burned out in the shoulders, and there is no way to avoid that, that burn out is also present in the eyes or the noise
these parts need to be birght, shoulders need to be sexy and visible

If you go outside and make a photo of a house
i will go outside and take a picture of an anime girl

realism isn’t everything, why can’t you think outside of this idea?
there are people who make opengl renders on Blender too
Cycles isn’t the only thing

If the new user doesn’t realize the problem, the moment he posts his first render online for ppl to admire/criticize, there will be someone who points out that it looks off…unless the whole community he is sharing it with is consisted of only “new users”…


o_O ??? now I’m the one confused.

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You can Colorgrading your work at anytime.You an do it in the Blender compositing.

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I can’t believe this thread exists. OP has been sarcastic, has been engaging in bad faith arguments, made memes about the people who disagree with them, and somehow no-one has said anything about it?

Disrespecting people who disagree with you on ‘what most people need’ is not only incredibly rude but counterproductive. If someone wants to find out what the general public wants, then the answer is not arguing here, but researching further and finding evidence that proves the change would be beneficial.

Please let’s argue in good faith. We shouldn’t engage with conversations otherwise.


uuuh filmic looks gray, then standard must be better

don’t expect normies to know things
they will learn about filmic eventually, if needed

You seem to be the only one who wants standard as default, when everyone who replied to you thinks the opposite, and have already provided solutions to your question (tweaked default start up file / opening blender in a specific template, etc…) yet you are always speaking on new users behalf.

Please just leave them alone, they probably will find their way on their own.

(me out).


everyone who replied only points to professionals
i deal with new users on discord and deviantart
and they get confused

having to explain about filmic, shading, color grading and compositing just because things look gray is overwhelming for a new user

No they dont… Default is wrong, as plain as that, nothing to do with new or old users, new users have to learn how to render things, how a render engine works and how to deal with color and color management.

BTW I’m out too :slight_smile:


The Video editing preset when you start Blender will automatically put the colorspace on standard. So use that

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Hey man can i get your contact information or discord group so that I tell the people you are handling need a better handler. Standard is clipped linear colorspace; even ACES is under heat because of gamut clipping and Filmic actually does a gamut mapping. And for your argument of cartoon renders being the norm and realism being a specific case is not backed up by anything other than that you specifically assume every beginner wants to do cartoons. And as many many people pointed out…you can easily learn everything you need as a beginner about Filmic and colormanagment. Heck even Andrew Price made a long video about Filmic and it’s benefits so i doubt beginners will have a blind eye to this very obvious setting that’s right there. <3 keep it real brother. Also I would actually like to get in-touch with your discord groups.


Here join, i just want to see what you are going to say


I laughed.

I still disagree though, but this was handled with grace and finesse :wink:


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