Fast selecting 2.79 - 2.8 something going wrong

Now I tried to model something in 2.8 and I found that sometimes I do things same as I used to in 2.79 ,but for some reasons do not get response. So, I place both versions on one screen and start test clicking. What I found - is that for some reasons when I try to work same fast as I do in 2.79 I miss selection.

Here I captured video with comparing both + I showd both threshold settings in video.

  • 2.79 I believe it’s default values, I don’t remember that I changed it, everything work as good as swiss watch - I click, I get response, always.
  • 2.8 first time it’s I believe default values I get when install, then I try to increase values, but selection still work bad.

( you can also slow down playback speed to check clicks and yes - I deselect by right click… )

Maybe I do something wrong? Any devs, can you help? If there are anyone who used to work same fast - did you found same problems?

It feels like some slow response + something wrong in threshold algorithms in compare to 2.79. Maybe it because of this new feature when we can deselect by clicking on empty space? Is there are ways to turn it OFF? I can live without it, as before, if such solution can make things work correct.


nice shot,
this is really relevant.
@mano-wii what happens with the selection?

@IIIFGIII have you tried the latest blender 2.81 build?
I know there is work in progress to improve the selection

Next portion of testing.
In this video I tried to use Box Select tool. I tried to setup even higher threshold values ( 50 ) + I turned off all the keymaps which belong to Box Select tool so technically it become turned OFF.

Only two suspected things still work - 1 deselect by clicking on empty space, 2 this " move " on mouse drag merged to selection tools.

But I go even farther. In this video I go back to just select tool. Then as you can see I turned OFF deselect by clicking on empty space, then I turned OFF this " move " thing.

So nothing weird left to cause this effect, but selection still work as broken if I try to do it fast. If play video on 0.25 speed it seems like some delay happening after doing click in compare to 2.79.

Anybody home? You release Blender with broken SELECTION CORE MECHANIC but everybody around talking about shape and color of freaking buttons and etc. useless stuff. Is anyone here responsible for this? Developers?


Where can I get this 2.81 build? I tried to google it but can’t find.

This 2.81 work same bad… Ahhh…
I thought I will switch to new version after vacation. But with such bug in my case it impossible to use it in work. I work ( click ) fast - " such Blender " for me is just useless junk… So sad.

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I did not understand, the slow and buggy selection also happens with a last 2.81 in developing build?
(start in factory reset mode) and test it … and report how it works …

i think it has to do with this, the events now are on click instead of press this was made to be able to select through the gizmos…etc so u either have to use 2.7x keymap or change them yourself,


so this also changed with the new blender 2.80 keymap?
and if so, why?

no, I checked, and on the right click select configuration is “press”

@IIIFGIII do you use a different keymap?

So, about 2.81. Here another video.

First part - factory settings, work same as 2.8, work as bad as shit …
00:43 Then I increase thresholds to 50!!!px - Work a bit better but still bad.
01:43 Then I turn OFF deselect by click on empty and move by drag inside select tool - Feels better, but I still get miss selection time by time.
02:43 Blender 2.79 example - excellent work, love it!!!
03:20 Kind of slow mo. Maybe it look like most of time I do some " random misclicking " … But it is not true. Take a look at this part. Even when I disable new features and things start work better - notice delay between frame with click indication in overlay and frame wit actually getting selection. Most of clicks is 6 frames ( I capture 60 fps video ) when I select edges it take even 8 frames sometime…
Then check delay in 2.79 - it takes 1 frame, when I select edges it takes sometimes up to 2 frames.

Conclusion - time for response has grown significantly. I notice sometimes that my next click indication in overlay goes before I get selection from previous click. Even with new features disabled and without any gizmos. And this is not just selection indication delay. Few times when I select edges it gives me wrong result because it react for wrong delayed cursor position… It’s all inside simplest mesh in empty scene with one object… They broke something what worked well years before all this " improvements".

And I still don’t see here any comment from developer guy who said - I am the one who work on it and I know what is wrong and what it need to do to fix it.

I been wait for this 2.8 for so long and what I get now is just useless junk…

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I changed this setting - it do nothing in case of fast clicking.

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Try to just switch to the right click

" Amazing solution "…

I mean, check the quality of the selection with the right click set.

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I don’t think this is directly related to the selection code, but to the changes to Blender’s default keymap.
In Blender 2.80 the vertex is selected at the moment the mouse button is released.
In Blender 2.79 the vertex is selected at the moment the mouse button is pressed.
I don’t know whose decision it was, but it seems to be something to consider.

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I’m too thinking to go back to right click select for that and also for the delay introduced when moving the gizmo ( or the fact that the gizmo doesn’t move if you press first the shift or ctrl modifier)…
But In this case we will lose the free right click hotkey to assign pies and menus which are very efficient… very hard design task

Has anyone compared the quality of selection with the left and right keys?

Even if for some obscure dark magic, the selection is faster on right click select, no sane man would like to go back to this. :wink:

Someone suggested returning to this?

Explanation for sane mans:
there is a likelihood that the code that implements the left or right button selection is different. This can be verified by a test.