Embarrassing quotes in official Blender tutorial videos


I just saw a bunch of new 2.8 tutorial videos pop up on YouTube, including this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILqOWe3zAbk

Around 0:20 time mark, the guy mentions the possibility of switching selection to right click, saying it’s “arguably better for your health”. I think we all know that there is absolutely no evidence to support that. Given the long lasting stigma Blender has in the industry due to really poor usability from the large part caused by really bad input mapping, I don’t think it’s appropriate to pour more oil into the flames if we want 2.8 release to change that. So much effort has been spent on making 2.8 usability on par with other software, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to sabotage it by mentioning right click select ever again.

Oldschool Blender users who can’t adapt will know where to find it and how to turn it on, but we should definitely avoid new users doing things like this. And especially avoid any nonsensical suggestions or implications that right click select has any advantages, since there is really no evidence to support that whatsoever.

Embarrassing opinions like that one really take away from Blender’s credibility, especially when spoken through Blender’s official channels.


Ah, I agree man :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I hope you’re not being serious, because that was obviously a joke.


i agree that bit should be cut from the video, especially this is an official one even if it was meant as a joke, it will cause the comments section to be flammable between users and a distraction from the “main event” which is the release of 2.80 version…u need to welcome new users, young and old not shun them away.


Is this a parody account? Social media has gotten so silly I can no longer tell.

@Quinten123 @stiv

No, I am totally serious. Right click select was one of the main reasons Blender’s usability was ridiculed over past decade almost universally by any serious artists in the industry. There has been lot of effort to remove this stigma in 2.8, and now that effort is done, and Blender has finally a rare second change to make a good first impression to many people, bad historic decisions like right click select should not be brought back up. And there definitely should not be any attempt to justify that. Even if the “better for your health” line is a joke, it’s a really bad one.


He said “arguably.” :joy:

Yes, I know… but still :slight_smile: These are official Blender Foundation videos released at the very time Blender 2.8 is trying to get the people to give it a second chance. It’s just not a good time for bringing up that painful past.

I’m not saying we should crank up the amount of bad jokes in the tutorial video’s but if all it takes for someone to stop using blender cause one of the tutorials has a bad pun in it…yeah…


It will probably not stop many, but it may cause some people, who gave Blender chance in the past and failed to pick it up because of odd input interaction model change their mind about trying it again.

In fact, I would not post this kind of thread out of the blue. What prompted me to post it was that one of my friends, a very skilled CG artist, who I’ve been convincing to give Blender second chance for years, has finally decided to try it again once 2.8 is officially out. He just messaged me today all confused, saying something in the lines of “I just saw this video and I they were talking about that right click again. I thought they finally fixed that in 2.8.”

well it depends on the person if he can’t take this kind of jokes, but i think it will start bad conversations in the comments.

Left mouse dominance for selection, tools and buttons is an ergonomic issue. Opinions here might differ but a lot of people still appreciate the well balanced left/right clicks Blender offers as (non default) option.


Oh absolutely. It would not be that much of an issue if the video was worded in lines of “…and for those users who are familiar with Blender 2.7 style selection, right click selection is still available as an option in the Preferences panel”

The problem here is the unsupported “arguably better for your health” line, which makes right click select option appear as better one in some ways. If it was just a joke, then the issue with that is that it’s hard to spot, since the rest of the video as well as all the other similar tutorial videos on the channel are delivered in quite formal tone without any other jokes appearing, even occasionally.

Right click select was just a historical choice for an issue where selection and action occupy same spot on the screen, requiring some way of distinguishing between them. However I still stand behind my opinion that choosing something like this already at that time: https://developer.blender.org/rB8778dd0c8b461780fdf9de688047d1a9c24dd641 would have been better choice than building a new, completely unique paradigm of using mouse and keyboard to interact with computer software which would be completely different than all the other software around, even at the time. Way too big solution for way too small of a problem.

Anyway, back to the topic. There’s been some degree of zealotry between hardcore Blender community, where some users would at times come with ridiculous justifications for superiority of right click selection, without any evidence to back it up, and regardless of the fact pretty much all the software other than Blender out there has been efficiently and successfully used without it. This zealotry has alienated some users, and caused controversies among others. I am not suggesting software maker should be responsible for the opinions of community members. All I am trying to say is that echoing this, even as a joke, which is not very obvious, may bring up some old sores for some people, admittedly, me included.

I saw potential in Blender way before 2.8 initiative, but I had almost no luck of convincing any of my colleagues to try to see that potential as well, because majority of them refused to deal with the giant concrete wall of a learning curve, put in place mostly by overly exotic mapping of the mouse and keyboard input to the functions of the software.


and the middle button, but the best thing for ergonomics especially if you are an Artist, is to use a graphics tablet, a bit slow but better for the long run.


hey !, but you’re never happy!
Live and let others live.
It is not that a soul can change completely to please you.

Do you have the option to use leftclick now? Yes.
Does it work well now? Yes.
Use it! it’s all for you!
And uncork a bottle of champagne! :champagne:

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you know that with the graphics tablet, especially to select multiple vertices in sequence works better with “right click” than with the “tap-left-click”
try doing a test instead of “tap” “tap” “tap” “tap” every vertex …
try to draw a line without putting down the pen and click on each vertex you reach and which you need with the “right-click” and you’ll see how much faster it is … :wink:


@nokipaike I’m afraid philosophy died with the coming of ready meals.


that may be your experience, emulate 3d mouse button to soflty hold left click to move the camera instead middle mouse and use my pinky and ring finger to select helped my a lot with my wrist and index pain (then seal the deal with a table and stylus (plese don’t ever remove emulate 3rd mose button ^_^))
My arm felt a lot better after working six or seven hours with blender than four with Max, that was real work not exercises or playing around.
But im not going to deny that took a few hours to get used to it, the reason to it its experimented in this video that someone made years later.

Does right click help with wrist/index pain? it worked for me
is it study and proved? not as far as i know
its something the we could be arguing about? basically yes
is the video tutorial en blender site wrong? nop, it is something not proved and not denied so its “arguable”
Is this post usefull in any way or form? nop, this entire post its a total waste of time, if right click does not work for you, that its you, it may help a lot to other people.


while i use the mouse for mesh modeling often with my custom keymap that’s based on left click select but when i use the tablet i prefer tap Left click, i also have right click hover drag for box select & right click for mesh select mode, it doesn’t make sense to me to separate selection from action & it works fast & fantastic for my setup but each has his own preference.

interesting research video.
this confirms my theory.
blender has / had a potential that the other programs do not have or have less, and that is a good sorting of functionality between the two hands and therefore between the two hemispheres of the brain, which speeds up the whole workflow a little … and that is why I love the right-hand combination - right click select plus left hand “combo of shortcuts.”… old school blender user know this advantage well over all the others … the classic blender users have trained the practicality of using both hands efficiently

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