Cycles OIDN support

 Luxcore has OIDN now when do we can expect OIDN-Intel Open Image Denoise support for cycles.

Is it available in recent builds? or do i have to download files.can you share the download link please.

It is not in master yet.

Mathieu is providing builds with extra features, including ODIN:

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My system is a potato pc dont support open cl and i only have 4gb ram with i3 processor.still ill try thank you stefanW.

Have you tried this Build from Graphicall?

No i didn’t try.thank you for the link.

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Hi @StefanW @brecht

I was wondering if OIDN has been upgraded to the latest version, there are a bunch of nice updates plus new neural networking training.

I’ve missed if it’s been implemented to version 1.2.0


I think OIDN in Blender is at 1.0.0 still. Should be a pretty painless update though.

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Hey everyone,

Intel Denoise has been updated to 1.2.0 with some interesting features like:

  • Added neural network training code;
  • Slightly improved denoising quality (e.g. less ringing artifacts, less blurriness in some cases);
  • Improved denoising speed by about 7-38% (mostly depending on the compiler);

I’m curious what version of IOID implemented in Blender right now? Is it up to date or not?

Same discussion is already going on here.

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We’ll likely upgrade to 1.2.0 for Blender 2.90:


I am curious about this:

I do “make update” in blender folder, and in “/lib/linux_centos7_x86_64/openimagedenoise/include/OpenImageDenoise/version.h” it still shows 1.0.0
Is 1.2.0 version not already included in precompiled libraries?

Precompiled libraries were not updated yet.

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It looks like the Windows precompiled OIDN library is at v1.2.1, Linux is still at 1.0.0.

By the way: Does this mean the Linux builds from are on 1.0.0, too? AFAIK they use the precompiled libs, right?

In fact it would be good to know if there is any method to see the versions of the libraries that have been used in a certain Blender build. In this case for OIDN, but also in general.

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I can probably clear up some of this confusion, the updating of the SVN libs is depended on the time the maintainers of a certain platform has available, the process closely follows the release schedule.

The way this works, I generally do most of the work in the deps builder (the source script that builds the SVN libs), and I aim to be done in bcon1 for windows, leaving some of bcon1 and the beginning of bcon2 for the other platform devs to catch up and build the libs for mac/linux and upload them to SVN.

However in bcon3 when the release branches/tags are made, the libs ought to be in place for all platforms.

So until bcon3 hits, there’s a rather large chance that the platforms have slightly different libraries on any given day.

bcon3/4/5 will have a good set of libs with identical versions across the platforms.

However once bcon3 hits for release N , bcon0 starts for release N+1 which repeats the loop.

if you want stable libs, stick to stable branches, master will always be whatever was available that day for any given platform.


Libraries were updated today. Thank you!

Hi, can you build with latest updates?
I got:

make[3]: *** Keine Regel vorhanden, um das Ziel
benötigt von „bin/blender“, zu erstellen.  Schluss.

*** No rule to create libmkldnn.a

Cheers, mib

Hi mib.
I can successfully build without problems on Kubuntu 20.04.