Contributing to Blender in GSoC 2023

Hi everyone,

I am Tejus Khandelwal, a 2nd year UG student at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. I have previously worked in C, C++, and Python and am enthusiastic about learning new things. I wish to contribute to Blender in GSoC 2023 and need help beginning.

I would be highly grateful if someone could point out some beginner-friendly issues to help me get started.



Hi @Tejus_Khandelwal , did you check Developer Intro - Blender Developer Wiki?
To get started, its important to be able to build blender locally. For that refer: Building Blender - Blender Developer Wiki


Hi Tejus,

Pratik already gave you some helpful links. It’s always good to contribute to Blender already before GSoC, be active on our channels and submit a few patches. This will increase your chances of being accepted later. What area do you like to work on?


Thanks Thomas !
I am a beginner so won’t be able to tell you a area, but I like working in C, C++.

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Hey everyone.

I too am interested in taking part GSoC 2023. I am able to build blender locally using Visual Studio on Windows.

I have a few questions regarding the usage of Git to submit my patches for issues tagged “Good First Issues”.

  1. Do I create a branch to make changes. If so what is the naming convention for the branch?
  2. Is there a specific way to mention the issue being solved in the commit message so that it recognised?
  3. Best Practices I need to follow when publishing a patch?

Thanks for your help! I am looking forward to contributing to Blender!


Hey everyone,

I am Jash Shah, a 3rd year UG Comps. Sci. student from Mumbai, India. I have experience with C/C++, OpenGL and Python API/CPython . I am interested in contributing to Blender too!

I have already built blender locally on my Ubuntu machine. I have also gone through the code documentation given in the wiki and followed along with the beginner developer workshop which was a huge help!

I have been combing through the good first issues and have assigned the Python: Add deprecation warnings to GPUBatch program usage. task to myself as it corresponds to my tech stack.

Looking forward to being a part of this community!


Hello Tejus, I am also a gsoc student . Start with some good first issue here is link Good First Issue
you can solve some bugs too.

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Hello @Abhijeet_Sharma refer this: Tools/CodeReview - Blender Developer Wiki

Hi everyone,
I’ve submitted Blenders application for GSoC 2023 to Google. They will let us know on February 21, 2023 if we’re in.

Until then familiarize yourself with the code base, setup a compile environment and join to get in contact with other developers and ask questions.


Thanks @Pratyaksh_Raj. I will look at the link and follow its steps to make PRs for the Good First Issues.

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Sure Sir @ThomasDinges

hello, how can i be a part of the community and have a gsoc mentor supervise my work?

you find several links in this thread already. Work on a Good First Issue, fix a bug or implement a small improvement to get familiar with the code base and the process.

Hello, there! I am Komal Sambhus, a Second Year student from Mumbai. I am interested in participating in GSoC 2023 as a contributor in your organisation.
Since some time now, I have been interested in the usage of OpenGL with various embedded systems and have worked with C, C++ and Python. I am enthusiastic for working further with these and any help would be appreciated since I am new to Open Source.
I have built Blender on my system and have started looking through the code base. Could you suggest some good first issues to start with or any other resources that I can refer to?
Thank you in advance.

Hello @Komal_Sambhus links is already present in this thread . And be active here

Hello everyone,
My name is Prey Patel, and I am a third-year undergraduate from IIT Gandhinagar. I have used Blender software to make some nice animations and models and have been thoroughly impressed with its capabilities and features. I am now eager to give back by contributing to its development. I am interested in participating in GSoC 2023 and am keen to learn and grow my skills by participating in this project. I have experience in C, C++, and python. I have already built Blender on my system and looking for a good first issue.
I am looking forward to contribute to this remarkable open-source platform.
Thank you.


Will do, thanks a lot!

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Hello There !!!
I am Prakhar Singh Chouhan, a 2nd Year UG student at the Indian Institute of Information Technology Pune. I am eager to learn new things and have worked in Python, C, C++ and HTML in the past. I need assistance getting started with my GSoC 2023 contribution to Blender.

I have already built blender on my Windows Machine, gone through the code documentation and am now working my way through the “good first issues”.

I’m looking forward to being a member of this community…


Hello Everyone,
I am Siddhesh Nakade, from VNIT Nagpur.

From being a End-user to now starting my journey in contributing to my all time favourite software.
From today I am starting learning and understanding the code.
Will contact again if I got stuck at any point.


Hello everyone, my name is Pedro, and I am a fourth year student of Computer Science at Unicamp and today I am in a double degree program of a master in engineering at Telecom Paris. My areas of interest are in computer graphics, image processing and computer vision, so I really like working with opengl and I’m familiar with c, c++, java and python.

I’m very interested in Blender and have already used a lot when I was younger, I have big respect to the open source enviroment and I’m really excited to contribute to a project big as Blender. I’m exploring the code and the “good first issues” page, I’ll return here if I have some problem or discover something.

I’m looking forward to talk to you all, learn new things, and of course make some contributions