Call for Content: Themes



This is still a work in progress. Would like to have custom “selected” colours in the 3D view, but still keeping it familiar to current blender users.

Can’t upload my them directly as I’m a new user, so here is a google drive link.


When making this I found that the “User Preferences” window would change when clicking on the layout tabs.


Hehe, it’s actually funny that Blender’s theme editor is so bad its badness can be monetized :slight_smile: Not to sound like I have anything against that addon. It’s great. Just the irony of the situation is funny. Most of the (sober) themes in this thread are a great proof that users don’t need nearly as much control over the theme settings as the current editor offers :slight_smile:


happy to see someone make this


Spent 4 years in XSI…this brings a tear to my eye


I updated the post

white.xml (51.4 KB)


I love it! I had trouble loading it into Blender though, I had to remove all the lines before the actual script to make it work. I would definitely love to see it included in 2.8, Softimage’s interface was awesome.


Hey guys, I’ve started a relatively bright theme which I am quite happy about. Might have to tweak one or two things but it’s pretty far along i guess.

Breeze theme updated (small changes to dopesheet/graph editor)
breeze.xml (41.3 KB)

I hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


I´d be rejoicing if I were you and I was using Blender in a daily basis. I am just waiting that 2.8 get´s their Keyboard shortcuts stabilized and onto customizing this XSI MOD theme it is!


Hell Yeah, this is what the community deserves. +1
Some of the visual hierarchy problems you pointed needs the right attention from a developer.


I love all this bright themes <3


Meso Theme


I hope it will be considered. Maybe I should update it with some transparencies on the popups to make it look a little more shiny. :slight_smile:


okapi-dark.xml (51.3 KB)

Just updated a few details. Added subtle transparency for the menus and an accent color (the brand-orange) for menu mouse overs.

This by the way is a third shortcoming of the current default theme. Blender is an application intended to create designed content. Just like you wouldn’t want a music application to have background music playing while you write your own songs you don’t want to have an application like Blender show colors in the UI which might not be harmonic with what you are creating. I understand that people might consider a purely black and white UI a little bland, tho. So I think it is a good idea to a. have accent colors show up only temporarily instead of using them to mark permanent UI-states and b. don’t use some random blue for the application’s default theme but the brand color.


I love your theme, I hope it makes it into blender. But don’t you think the yellow of the timeline is too much? It pops a lot on the interface.


I wanted to create one them as well, however it appears there is some hardcoded 1px shadow line at the bottom of most UI elements in 2.8:

Does anyone have any idea what (if anything) toggles it off?


Themes > User Interface > Widget Emboss (near the bottom)


Thanks! I thought it’s hardcoded because I missed that the visibility is not toggle but rather propagate through alpha.


“Yello” reminds me of a dark version of my 2.6 to 2.7 era “Lightwavesque” theme, which was loosely inspired by the old yellow, grey, and black Lightwave colors (used up through version 5). I mainly tweaked a few parts of Blender that I used regularly.

I now have a 2.8 version of my theme that moves a little further toward LW and is also a bit closer to complete. There are likely a few areas that aren’t quite done.

I’ve also included a “Lightwavesque Muted” variant that tones down the saturation on the primary yellow color.

lightwavesque.xml (52.5 KB)

lightwavesque-muted.xml (52.5 KB)


Keep going, i am a sucker for yellow :stuck_out_tongue: