Call for Content: Themes



Med Contrast for those like me who have trouble with white text on grey etc

robs_5.xml (52.5 KB)


I like this one a lot. The lime green works great as an accent color!


Love this one, thanks. With a salmon accent color as the UV selection and the vertex size to 3 it gets even better.


This is IMO the best on this page at the moment - it’s a really different look - a light theme that’s colorful without being garish. I think this might get me to finally switch from Elysium theme.


I really hate the theme (Just for what it is, just as in Softimage)

But my salutations for porting it for those who like Softimage o/


I have just updated the theme to 1.01 lowered the tone a little bit and adjusted a few things I forgot. Let me know if you find anything around that doesn’t seem to match the overall theme, please. Haven’t checked every single feature even tho I tried to cover most of them.


Grab the update if you want. Read my previous message to jptrash.


This is my representation of 3ds max light grey theme.

I could not upload the xml file. Here is a link to my drop box.


Now that you mention it, check out the shading pie menu, there is lime text on white background for active options.


greyworm.xml (52.5 KB)
Greyworm Theme.


I have just updated it. I found some other minor stuff too. Thanks for telling me.


Oh Thank you NathanClark! I was using #Python comments instead of <!-- XML-> ones! Corrected and updated! Thanks for the heads up! It´s working now on version 2.


Edited some minor flaws and added some subtle shading to certain elements :slight_smile:


I have just added the old previous flat focus series… :smiley: I think I am getting a bit obsessed. Just a little bit.


I think that Pablo’s blue tinted dark theme should be bundled with 2.8 too. True, the slight tint can throw off color perception for some people when doing color sensitive work, but not all people are affected, and not all people do color sensitive work. That theme looked really good, so it’d be another nice option to have.


Updated Blender Pro Screenshots: Call for Content: Themes


Amber Ash
A mid dark theme with neutral greys and warm accent colors.

OLD - amber_ash.xml (39.9 KB)

Update - 27 Nov 2018

  • fixed the blender settings panel
  • added transparency to the UV/Image editor panel

NEW - amber_ash_v1.1.xml (39.9 KB)


Flat Yellow
A Yellow+Dark Grey theme incorporating many of the default Blender theme characteristics.


flat_yellow.xml (51.3 KB)


Hello!, my skin is “Sharp Blade v2”. I can’t upload here with my personal account, so i’m leaving the link to the theme:

Sharp Blade v2 Blender 2.8

Theme & Screens:
Sharp Blade v2 Blender 2.8

  • I Know, another dark theme… but i made it to be minimalistic, not eye distracting, lets you focus on what you need to see.


turquoise_dark.xml (51.8 KB)