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maybe it’s not in Appdata, but in your Blender installation directory\2.80\scripts\presets\interface_theme


Well, this is just a colorful theme for blender newbies, I guess it will be fine for them and also for the instructors because make it easier identify functions with colors and to distinguish editors at first glance, trying to make all more friendly using just the headers, something like the nodes.

Fell free to change whatever you want.

playskool.xml (52.4 KB)

playskool_light.xml (52.5 KB)

playskool-dark.xml (52.4 KB)


Paste it in your explorer

%AppData%\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\presets\interface_theme


Blender Smooth

The idea behind this theme is make a theme similar to default theme but removing all the contrasts details, text shadows, whites and reduce visual noise and center the attention to only the working elements.


Blender Pro Alpha 2

Blender Pro Alpha 2
blender_pro.xml (39.9 KB)


Love it! I would use this so much more than the default ones!


revamped the modo theme from blender for my own use:

#UPDATE: Made some changes in the Scripting Workspace to make it more behave like in Modo(see picture below). Also I did some changes for the Icons in the Outliner to seperate them better.

2#UPDATE: I add for the Material Output in the Shader Node the same color from the shading icon to be more consistent. I also worked on the UV Editor to make the selections consistent from the selection colors. Sadly you can only change the color from the edges in the display settings from the uv/image editor which would be great if you could do this in theme itself. And you can’t hide the facedots which get pretty noisy if you enable it.

3#UPDATE: Fixed the colors for the new setting panel.

I was at the moment forced to make the outliner window background darker because blenders selection on the outliner is sadly pretty inconsistent.

modo12.xml (41.4 KB)


Hi, I hope you like this theme.

It is loosely based on Heavypoly’s config for blender 2.8, which is loosely based on blender 2.79’s “Hexagon” Theme.

It is a rather light theme, with magenta (active) and cyan (selected) highlights. I liked it because i felt like the information design of blender is maintained (it uses most of the color conventions) even though the contrasts aren’t really pronounced. And well, because I find the palette interesting.

(sorry for the uninspired name)
cadet_grey.xml (52.5 KB)
Edit: I’ve noticed some minor inconsistencies and errors since uploading, will soon fix them


Thanks! I think it still needs some work for consistency, and if there are some changes to better support light themes


Is there any way one could add a 1px shadow/outline to the tool icons to make them go better with brighter accent colors? Right now the only way for me to make it work for yellow for example was to turn down the alpha or darken the actual color, which in the case of yellow makes it look kind of muddy.

If you turn down the alpha for icons in the themes menu it gets better contrast wise but it results in all other icons vanishing.


Not at the moment. It’d be nice to add a feature to draw a shadow behind the icons, just like we can do for text.

For the toolbar icons we can support theming, which would be nice benefit for many of these themes in here.

As for the yellow thing, why not just make the icons display black when selected (on yellow), but bright when unselected (on dark grey). I don’t see your particular issue?


Thanks for the reply! As for making them black on yellow. That’d be ideal but afaik it’s not possible right now to change the toolbar icon color. Are there plans to do so in the future?


Oh I see - not the toolbar icons, no, not yet anyway. This would be nice to add.



i got a question, does the icon color coding affects these themes?. since now they are monochromatic and will be themable ,they all will have to be adjusted later on!!!


Heart Themes
Grey Heart

Blue Heart

And a red version are in wip state


HEAVYPOLY theme, based on Hexagon


Although it’s a continuation of my version on Default++ from the 2.5 Default Theme, it has become more like a Marmoset theme unintended. Anyways it’s a very distraction free, neutral theme. Opaque menus for the win. The blue and orange accent colors from 2.5 Default Theme but de-saturated a bit with the additional green accent color for Check boxes.

default_plus__plus_.xml (41.4 KB)

*Update with new Settings view.

Install from Settings view.

Happy Blending!


How do I make the toolbar transparent? I have region overlap enabled and some themes have it transparent ,but others don’t. I’m missing a setting somewhere.

OK, looks like Region Background alpha under 3D View.


ddd (a tweaked ‘north’ theme)

ddd.xml (52.5 KB)