Call for Content: Themes

I have always had a feeling that people who are very much into customised stuff have an enormous bias toward dark themes with respect to casual users that, I believe, are more likely 50/50, or even leaning towards light! I have no idea why that is the case: more hours on the computer correlate with less love for light tones?

I like the concept of your white one, and I think there’s still a need for a light-grey one (thinking on something like Ubuntu Unity’s Ambiance) – because yes, people also use light themes – for which at the moment there is zero competition in here! I might give it a try later but I’m definitely not good at this

Working for hours with a theme with heavy contrasts or excessively dark tires the eyes excessively. Also if it is nuclear white it burns your pupil in the long time, especially in rooms with little light.

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Base Coat

base_coat.xml (41.4 KB)

Edit 2:

  • Fresh theme export removing calls to recently removed theme props


  • Updated with recent changes to user preference layout region text
  • Darkened box layout theme background

It is not entirely polished, but it is quite advanced. I upload it to give me your opinion.

al43.xml (52.5 KB)


I hope you don’t mind but I’ve made some small changes to your theme because I liked it a lot but I preferred to change a couple of things.

Pro3_modified.xml (51.3 KB)


Fresh snow

Fresh_snow_4.1.xml (42.1 KB)
fresh_blueberry.xml (41.3 KB)
fresh_grape.xml (41.3 KB)
fresh_peach.xml (41.3 KB)
fresh_strawberry.xml (41.3 KB)
fresh_orange.xml (41.3 KB)
fresh_lime.xml (41.3 KB)
fresh_coffee.xml (41.3 KB)
fresh_snow_for2.7x.xml (49.6 KB)


@pablovazquez @billrey not the perfect place to post this, but I have found a couple of bugs in the theming:

  • it seems to be impossibile to change the side panel’s text color in the text editor, “region text titles” works but “region text” do not.

  • both icons and text in the new collection visibility panel use the “regular” text theme, while the other panels use the “menu back” one.

  • icons with an on/off state should not follow the selected text theming when they don’t have an emboss, but keep the unselected one instead:
    (in this specific case the state colors are also inverted in the panel and the outliner, even if they’re both using the regular text colors).

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@zebus3d @Luis.Burdallo

Guys, I really don’t see the point of posting slightly modified themes from other users here, you guys should keep those for yourselves. It just increases the clutter here, making hard to choose.
We need more diversity to choose from.



It was about creating the best versions as a community. But all good.


Adwaita Dark
This Theme is meant to fit in nicely with the Adwaita Dark GTK Theme (Gnome 3 default).
adwaita_dark.xml (52.5 KB)


Red Platinum
A medium light theme with red accent color.

red_platinum.xml (51.3 KB)

Update - 27 Nov 2018

  • fixed the blender settings panel
  • improved color consistency of dope sheet and graph editor
  • tweaked the alpha channel of some panels

red_platinum_v1.2.xml (39.9 KB)


This is the adaptation from my personal 2.7 theme. “Signature Orange”

signature_orange.xml (52.5 KB)


I like it, could be considered more compatible with the theme guidelines as in pro3 I often chose colors, such as object wire color, that intentionally make them harder to see when not selected, as to reduce impact on visual clutter imo.

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Hi Guys, I really don’t like dark themes, so I ask to include some light ones by default!
here is my submission and the theme I have been using on 2.7 for some years now, adapted to 2.8, hope you like it!

I tried to go for a really soft and not contrasty look but still keep it functional and not mushy.

SoftLight.xml (51.3 KB)

edit: made a small update, want happy with the new buttons at all.


I usually hate white interfaces, but this looks great.


I usually hate colorful interfaces but…nah. I still hate it.


i think the default one that Pablo made is hands down the best that i have seen in all apps.i am sure i’ll use it exclusively even change other apps to be like it…but here is my humble attempt. i call this Magnum PI :wink:

Magnum.PI.xml (52.5 KB)

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Mine is just the default theme but with this aqua blue kinda accents. I love this theme and used this in 2.79 too. For some reason I can’t find the .xml preset file.

But in User Preferences I can see my preset.:frowning:



Bubblegum.xml (52.5 KB)
Bubblegum.xml (52.5 KB)
Bubblegum.xml (52.5 KB)


There are a few conflicts between the overlay icon and the object visibility icons. While the first can have inner selected the other don’t. Maybe they could have a selected background too.