Blender user interface design

The best idea could be like in Zbrush, that you see details when you pulse a modifier key (shift)

Link to a proposal for node editor

summing up,
I don’t think the extra space to show shortcuts is a real problem …
the real shortcoming is the lack of colors that help to distinguish and better identify the icons.


This is another variation that I find easier to use. The four columns look like four columns rather than eight, and each one the same width.


Maybe Color Management have to go to Output from Render tab.
Mostly because it’s setup is more about output of Render, instead of Render itself.

Suggestion for the topbar like a header

It really does just look nicer and clearer if we didn’t have the shortcuts in here at all. I wonder if we could just show the shortcuts while hovering?


Color Management affects the render and viewport, not only the output files.

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Does anyone really use those pretty unfriendly shortcuts or even trying to remember it? For me it seems unnecessary to map editors at all.

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I would like to rearrange the editor menu into something like this, I find this grouping of editors much more clear and logical.

And another example of multi-column popover.


just dropping this here.
the tool header would be editor based.

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No, it’s a list. Show a list you can scan in one eye movement. Vertical list is really the obvious choice here.

This is really overengineering something that should be really simple.

The second popup example makes sense because it’s sort of a kitchen sink ribbon of options that needs grouping. This isn’t it.

Edit: in fact the more I look at this second screenshot, the more I think it also makes no sense.

Let’s all take a minute here and regain sanity:


I agree with you. The hotkey is not important there

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Actually, no. It is kinda postprocessing, it’s setup don’t influences render process.
So it is more related to Post Processing in Output tab, than Sample, Perfomance, or, for example, Light Paths in Render tab.
It is more about how rendered image will look, than about how to render image.

shift+f3 - shift+f10 - shift+f5 are a must to know (for a modeler generalist) use all the time.
optionally Shift+F6 and F12 or Shift+F7 or f9

If you work ala industry standar (only one thing one interface at a time) may not be usefull at all, but if you do a lot of tasks and constantly changing setups or moving among a lot of diferent things, those shortcuts are extremely usefull, especially those first three.

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@NahuelBelich That’s why we have workspaces.
You probably most of the time need to see at least two editors. Then you can easily switch them to full screen by Ctrl+Space.


the workspaces are nice presets, and in the future are a “solution” for a problem that became worse when the tool bar couldn’t handle tabs anymore with the possibility to disable things per workspace to try to merge the concept of having differents setups in a single software etc etc etc things that need to see how it goes in the future.

Even if we have this presets and custom workspaces, its a lot faster to split windows as i need and change on the fly, because the size and shape of the editors and position depended on the size and shape of the model or the textures that i want to work with or animation lenght depending the editor.
if you don’t use it and don’t bother to remember those shortcuts,
why removing them? since you are not going to use those shortcuts anyway.


Some changes were done in the last version of blender (blender-2.80-a5b5bd2c24e0 win) in the Grease Pencil User Interface: “Options” and “Curves” menus was removed from the top bar to the “N” panel (sorry, I just forgot the name). And I believe it was not an improvement, because in my personal opinion (specialy this two), are very important while drawing. And there are so many option to improve the strokes there that I believe we should keep this options more accessible. This way also make things easier to new users, so they can find and discover easily this options.

I also understand it was done this way to give more space in the top bar. So I also suggest tweaks to UI that can make the interface more consistent with other modes and more useful. My suggestion here is just move the “Stroke Placement”, “Drawing Plane” and “Guides” down to viewport (pretty much like in 3D view, because from my point of view, Stroke Placement is a kind of “snap”).

But if this broke some UI rule inside Blender, we could simply remove “Brush” and the “Display” menus from the top bar, since they are mostly useless while drawing, what we cannot say about “Options” and “Curves”.

With this options inside the “N” side bar menu, is really hard to tweak this configurations and requires more clicks and buttons to press.

We can see the developers are doing an amazing job in Blender 2.8, and they are trying new things every day! I just think this change was just a little step back, when I think about the drawing workflow.

(I’m sorry for the long text, I didn’t had time to make it shorter).

@Harleya I don’t like the way it looks now, but how will your suggestions D4855 work together with the other elements?

I think we need a completely different approach here.

That’s why I made the patch so people could try it and see for themselves. They don’t protrude any further into the working area so don’t interfere any more than the current arrows.


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