Blender UI paper cuts

That discussion was born because there were highlighted problems and solutions here as papercuts :wink:

Anyway, better a very long strip than the current situation … at least it is an easy step forward …
Then if better ideas come along, so much the better.

We can make this strip not so long with configurable tabs to have immediate access only to those add-ons that we need most.

the ideal solution would be to have the possibility to have custom presets of addon collections, so from group to group the users make the combinations of addon that they prefer.
in this way the problem of length strip becomes completely marginal.

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THat would charge users of further work on customization though. But… you may say, there is already a categorization for addons, as you can see in preferences. Maybe starting from there…

don’t work, too slow … better custom preset lists, with a click you can clone them and rename them and add or remove addons and you’re done.
talking muscle memory is much more effective.


Sounds easy in your words. But it’s a complete new feature. Food for RCS site

@billrey Could be made that these two Nodes in the Compositor would be almost equal and also use the same ordering? It’s harder to remember this way :slight_smile:
(those are two different EXRs from different renderings (some passes are missing in one) but still for example albedo and normal is interchanged and also in the Image Node (left) the Normal socket isn’t blue. While AO is yellow in both but shouldn’t it be grey?)


cloning a list is like copying a text file, or rather an xml file like that of the themes and things like that … neither more nor less …
indeed in my opinion the current categorization system is more complex… the only drawback of the current system which is that it is not fast at all, and to every addon you add you should reconfigure it for each workspace and working mode … it becomes obvious something very boring to do …

It’s really annoying to expand channels each time, they should auto-expand whenever bone(s) are selected.


Another inconsistency:
“Edge Crease” and “Edge Bevel Weight” sliders on the “redo_last” panel have range from -1 to 1 and should have from 0 to 1:

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Both tools add or substract to actual selection, not put the same value to all edges. So the -1 is necessary to substract fue example 0,5 to selected edges

Indeed, I now see a difference in operation of these sliders, thank you for your explanation :).

So I saw the 2.81 batch renamer and I don’t think it can do anything I need. So I made a quick sketch that shows something that can do 99% of the name operations I usually need. What I need is suffixes and prefixes with removal of .001 suffixes so Ican produce short descriptive object names.

One thing I left out is that you should be able to write your prefix and suffix directly into the text boxes. For example for numeration you could just type ## which adds a double digit (01-99) to that slot. #r could be in reverse order (9-1). But it is important to have graphical user interface so it doesn’t take 10 minutes of googling to figure out the codes but codes should be also available as it is faster if you need to use the renaming often.


At the moment it is not possible to deactivate “freestyle render” if in workbench.

The only way is to switch to eevee or Cycles to turn it off.

A “freestyle” checker option should be present in workbench, or even better should be moved in some other neutral area, since it is a post process effect.



@billrey This one is from Properties > World where the new UI organization really gets in the way how it narrows all the “Surface” properties of Background in World.
Can it be turned off for this tab? Or fixed so that it doesn’t cut so much space and the mapping for example is more visible.


When hit f12 to render blender should show a message if the slot has any other render.
And should ask what the user want to do. Overwrite a render without ask what the user want to do is terrible.

Message: There is a render in the slot:
---- Overwrite render ?
— move to the next slot?
— cancel


The array modifier should have an option to random rotate, randam scale and random position for better artistic control.


Little thing: Can we get an option in Navigation settings for “Orbit around active”?
Its for easier navigation with big edge loop selection.

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I think is already there. It’s called “orbit around selection”

I think it orbits around the selection, not the active element, but actually, without it selected it orbits around what you have under the cursor, when you have something that is extremely wide, works better than “around selection” option.