Blender UI paper cuts

Basically, we need

  • ability to temporary turm on all collections/objects with ability to return previous state of all of them as toggle in a single click (maybe with * key, as it is free) - without creating new view layer.
  • ability for ctrl+lmb on visibility icon (isolation) to be toggle, restoring previous state on second click.
  • ability to isolate collections of full selection, not of active object only.
  • ability to invert current visibility state of scene’s collections/objects globally back and forth to check up what is hidden.
  • and ability to swap values (switch) between visibility and renderability states back and forth to view/control as visible state what will be actually rendered.

First one is available in 2.79 by default, layers isolation is in 1D_Scripts, switching prototype is here with GIFs


I haven’t figured out completely how collections work. But isn’t it possible to check to which object a collection belong? If so than you can loop over all objects, if there are active than add the collections to a list. Than you can loop over the collections and hide all which aren’t in that prior list. This was just a quick thought I had, I don’t know if actually works.

I didn’t know it was a toggle button as well. Yet trust button one isn’t very clear, I’m looking at it with my phone. I can’t seem to understand what the concert actually does, i see it jumping between render or not, but not sure where it gets that info from.

When you switch the renderbility is also see the visibility switching??

Explanation: visibility and renderability lists swaps their values.
That makes possible to view renderability state of scene as visibility.

if there are active than add the collections to a list. Than you can loop over the collections and hide all which aren’t in that prior list.

Do you mean to make an addon?

Selected vertices in the edit mode of the Lattice object are barely visible in 2.80. Their size is linked to the vertex size of the mesh’s edit mode, through theme settings. I find the default setting 3 px for the size of vertices perfect in the edit mode of meshes… but in Lattice’s edit mode they’re barely visible when selected, and basically invisible when unselected. It looks like as if I was in the “edge” edit mode.

In Blender 2.79 the size of them looked fine.


Back to talking about the design of the Editor Type menu.

When I try to switch editor type, for example, to the Text Editor, the mouse trajectory goes through the Mode select menu, and the Editor Type menu closes.

It’s really annoying.

Has anyone else had a problem like this?


Every menu works like that. Just make sure you don’t accidentally hover on other menus when making the move. lol


Yes, of course, each menu works in this way. But only “Editor Type” menu has four columns, which makes it very wide and causes this problem. The only problem is with this particular menu.

And, of course, everybody always moves the cursor along the shortest path, i.e. in a straight line.

It would be convenient to have a keyboard shortcut to quickly remove vertices / edges / faces, depending on the current mode.


In vertex selection mode, Shift + X calls bpy.ops.mesh.delete (type = ‘VERT’)

In edge selection mode, Shift + X calls bpy.ops.mesh.delete (type = ‘EDGE’)

In face selection mode, Shift + X calls bpy.ops.mesh.delete (type = ‘FACE’)


It would be convenient to be able to block cursor transformations.


Constant textual information is often not needed, and when working with a static scene, you can accidentally start playback and not notice it.

It would be convenient to display the number of the current frame (+FPS) only during the playback of the animation, separately from the text information of the scene (or as a separate option in the overlay menu).


Sun light doesn’t have an option for visualising near and far shadow clip planes (in EEVEE render), it makes setting up shadows in large scenes a bit difficult. Or I just did not find it?

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It would be convenient to assign keyboard shortcuts directly to the search menu.


i find some of the 2.80 changes really unnecessary like in the toolbar
just look at the all wasted space…

when we could have something like this and then collapses to just two columns of icons. if it’s “too much” scrolling then bring back tabs in the toolbar and put them there or something.

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What you call “wasted space” I call “open space” to add more tools in the future, whether it’s add-ons or built into the software. Also, it’s more space for the viewport where you see your scene in, which the old UI didn’t allow when it was just a solid box.

Besides, you can adjust the toolbar the way you want by changing the entire size of it by holding down the ctrl and scroll wheel buttons at the same time and drag inside the toolbar (also works on the right side toolbar with all your add-ons and other settings). You can also customise the amount of columns from 2 to 1, or show the names of the tools by dragging on the edge, as well as hide it altogether. You can then save it for your own customised workspace, which works in every tab.


Can’t change the text color of the playhead. It’s broken since the scrubbing area was added.



Eyedropper Selection should be enabled for the outline, too.
I think they should allow you to use the eyedropper tool next to a modifier to not only select an object in the scene, but you should also be able to select one in the outline, like so:


IMHO it would be even to add a button (additionally to transformation locks) to set all those values to zero (e.g. “Cursor to center”)

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UI snapping bug


Eh, headers at the bottom are not a good idea. Put it on top. :wink:

But yeah.