Blender UI paper cuts

Probably you are not using the standard keymap.

In both the standard keymap and the industry compatible keymap, this is fixed in master.

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Oh, you’re right! In factory settings it everything works well
welp, I guess i’ll have to remap everything again back from factory defaults :sweat_smile:
Thanks for helping with troubleshooting :+1:

Also another papercut regarding marker zones:
-option to configure scale in user preferences
-“View” menu toggle option to hide the bar

This is more towards high end users that have a lot of panels open in the same window, where every pixel of available space to maneuver is super valuable

The new markers are pretty but there should be option to drastically scale it down (or even turn it off in some windows)


Blender 2.8 suggestion - "Window Fullscreen in Preferences tab"
Hi to all,
I am using Blender in windows 10 with 1366x768 display. In windows, it has the “windows Title bar on top”. If I enable “fullscreen in blender”, few more functions will be visible in the bottom of blender UI. If I want to start blender in fullscreen mode, I have to enable the "Toggle fullscreen function (under window menu). And, I have to save that as a startup file each and every time I try a new build. And, I have to do this process (close blender > reopen > toggle fullscreen > save as startup file) three to four times to start blender with fullscreen (I’m not sure this is a bug).

This is a suggestion for the “Fullscreen function to be in the preference tab with the checked box” function, instead of the window menu.
if anybody doesn’t want to use that fullscreen, they can simply uncheck the box and save the preference file. Don’t have to save that as a startup file. Please let me know your feedback on this suggestion guys.



I have an issue with copy pasting string data like names. This is present in all Blender versions and its annoying. But I am not sure if this is actually a bug:

Since Blender respects case sensitivity in names you can have two objects called “CTRL” and “ctrl” for example. By pasting (ctrl-v) one of these names into a different objects constraint target box, lets say “CTRL”, you get the desired object as target.

But after that I can no longer paste-switch (overwrite) to the small caps object, even after I manually empty the target box first. So copy paste “ctrl” into the target box still gives me “CTRL” as target. Same issue if you try the other way around.

The Constraint seems to remember its last target and now ignores case sensitive differences.

Sculpting mask tools icons depiction


Currently those icons they are not depicting correctly what a mask tool does, because the highlighted areas are brighter instead of dark, which is not what happen when you mask an area.

Here’s what happens when you mask:


So I suggest to darken the shape inside the highlighted area for a more accurate representation, so they don’t look like inverted mask.




Not sure if this is a fault on my side or a bug. I’ve keyed the render visibility on an area light. Once i scrub past the point where the light is turned off, the keys disappear from the timeline, which is kind of annoying.

You can probably report that as a bug on I guess :slight_smile:

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that is a design choice, whatever isnt visible you wont see the keys in the timeline, so there is a button to solve that that in 2.79 was a ghost, and now is a little square to make keyframes of invisible objects appear nevertheless.
I would leave that on by default with the arrow on as well.


Thanks, not the first time i was late to the party :smiley:


I don’t even now why they don’t use the real thing as icons, like zbrush. It’s million times better. Oh well.

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This might be a bug, idk.

Alt+Left Click (and drag) moves current frame indicator (playhead) in Dope Sheet, Timeline, and NLA Editor in 2.80.74, but it doesn’t do it in the Graph Editor.

viewport shading settings don’t get saved with files.

Each time I load a file I first have to go enable cavity, switch screen/world mode, set distance, adjust strength, etc.

I’d rather not save this into the startup file (if you can do that) as I only really want it on particular files, and in any case for something like world cavity distance, that would depend on the scale of the scene.

(I put this here because it doesn’t feel entirely like a bug or a full-fledged feature request, but it is ui-related.)

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Viewport shading does, in fact, get saved with files.

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Heck, that’s embarassing. At some point I must have unchecked “load ui” in the file browser and forgotten about it, and meanwhile I’ve been opening the file from the splash screen. I hereby retract my paper cut.

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Could Load UI be disabled as default when the file is from the blender 2.7x?

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yes from the preference —> save & loading ->blend files-> load ui

Nitpick alert :sweat_smile:

No matter how wide the window is, these options are always squished:

There’s also a spacing issue in the scale option of the export menu (though the whole thing could be greatly cleaned up):


yeah that window needs to be cleaned up a bit

I agree, it’s tons frustrating to forget you’re in object mode and you tap 2 to go into edge mode and all your collections magically disappear. Not to mention it’s not obvious how to get back (CTRL+Z). Toggling the 1 key ought to switch back. IMO, I’d like to set the default functionality to nothing, and let power uses check a box in User Prefs to be able to use it.