Blender UI paper cuts

That symbol definitely means “Command” to Apple users, but I don’t think anyone would think it also means “Assign Shortcut”. Shouldn’t the icon on the menu be a curved arrow, or a finger or something?


Looks like it’s fixed!

Using 2.8 I find myself many times expecting Blender’s UI work similar to Photoshop’s.
But that one is polished for decades now in the same principles so they have a lot to catch up to.
One particular thing is tapping on tabs in the N panel. I tap on them many times expecting this:

This would also be handy for tablet users


The other idea is not a paper-cut but because it’s related I’d like to post it here.
I hope it still lands in the right person’s brain. :slight_smile:
Again it’s a PS paradigm that every panel is movable and dockable anywhere. AND I JUST LOVE THAT.
And it’s super-complementary to Blender’s ideology with one key difference:
Blender treats the different panel structures as islands. Bars, panels and editors are not interchangeable.
Forget bars, that’s limited in PS too, but would solutions like this be from the devil?

They could be dragged and duplicated to the N panel freely.
(I used the scene icon for the View tab and dragged in the Shader options as an example.)
Also they could be removed from where we feel they are duplicate and wouldn’t be used.

Now this is what I’d call customizability!


Continuous grid only in orthographic view.
Or the toggle to turn it on/off


Ha! I’d love to see it like that. I even made similar mockup some time before:


Only issue with that, is that then addons need to always supply an icon if they want to add their own category. Technically I would think it should be simple enough - @ideasman42 ?

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Custom icons for addons are not needed. Just take closer look at my mockup - first two letters of addon’s name if no icon provided (or first letters of words making up the add-on’s name). This could be suplemented with random colouring of letters / icons.


Could be great, i made that proposal a lot of times since 2.79

Also the solution with first letters of addons without icons

You can’t replace all the text with icons. Sometimes text is just easier to understand.


I agree with you. This is overkill, blender is not a mobile app.


You should replace the categorical statement “you can not” with the words “you should not”.

When? I don’t remember any example where a text is easy to find in vertical between 15 elements than a icon

I didn’t say find. I said understand.

Use case is important.

Ok, but then what we do, remove all icons of blender?

Can’t addons just be added as new panel sections without needing to be added as a tab there? I would love some excuse to not have that horrible vertical text.


Currently, addons can optionally define their own categories and sections. In theory would could then ask addon developers to supply a custom icon instead.

I agree with you, any way to minimize vertical text is good.


Also could be asigned some colors to icons

Ok, I don’t know where else to ask so:

Today Blender removed the visibility eye from the Outliner (again), and only left the Display icons.

The problem is, I had a hidden Collection in a file I was working on, and that’s now seemingly permanently hidden, as not even “show hidden objects” works.

I can see all my objects (hundreds) greyed out in the Outliner. How do I make them visible in today’s build? @billrey help? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Solution was to open a build from a few days ago, enable visibility, save and then go back to today’s build. Though, hilariously, that build had the Display icons hidden, thus making it impossible to view the other collections I had hidden using the newer build! :upside_down_face:

Imo, the eye icon is more intuitive than the monitor icon. The eye will last us a few million more years, while the desktop stand monitor might change in a decade… plus, how do the monitor metaphor go together with the camera and photo printer metaphor? Seems like a bad mix…

Papercut: The eye should be back.

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I’m not sure what you mean. The ‘eye icon’ toggle (show/hide) represents a different feature than the the ‘monitor icon’ (global viewport visibility).

Do you mean that the icons should be different, or that the features should be different, or the default visible toggles should be different?