Blender is moving in the wrong direction


We can say that blender2.8 at the level of tools and utilities is certainly a huge improvement … but at the level of usability? What exactly have been the improvements for old users?

  • Column aligned to the right? It is widely criticized and has been asked by hundreds of people to change because it’s really hard to find something now.
  • Remove T-shelf? Very few people asked for this and very few people liked the change. And yet most of the community has to see the problems caused by this completely unnecessary paradigm shift.
  • Menus in the viewport? quite inferior to T-shelf. It reminds me of the menus of programs like Office, that people avoid to use.
  • Icons? They are more beautiful, yes, but it is well known that it costs a lot to change tab now, because it has eliminated the color and nuances that allow you to differentiate the icons. Nice but not very useful.
  • statusbar? we all know that the first thing we will do in blender2.8 when the final is to hide or ignore it. We pray that the statistics end in the viewport.
  • Topbar? The intentions were very good and is good for newbies, for others, except for sculpture or painting, is only a nuisance due to how it has been implemented in a fixed way without being able to place the user.
  • Pie-menus? They were before and were the demon according to some developers, now the user is forced to use them.
  • Toolbar? is no longer accessible by default, accepting that it is really useless.
  • Context menu? Good idea for people who want it, but why is it mandatory if you want to use the left click?

What are the real improvements in usability?

  • Left click of the mouse and some parts of the keymap (which was widely criticized)
  • New Popovers. They are an improvement, but do not add much, just organize otherwise how to access the options.
  • Active Tools, that everyone was delighted with them, before their implementation meant eliminating T-shelf.

Seriously, someone tell me what has improved blender usability because of those changes? Clearly it has improved a lot since the arrival of the left click, but the rest of the changes? I don’t see any real improvements either for new or old users.

I don’t know, maybe there is a master plan in the background where you can see the improvement that all this will bring us. For now I only see limited good ideas that there were before, and the main requests of users for years ignored (pineable windows, stackable editors, change some controls difficult to understand as the lists, …)


I could not disagree with your title more.

The changes the Blender team has made in 2.8 are exactly what was needed. It was, quite frankly, the worst UX, and I would not use it because of the UX.

I have made the switch to it professionally now because of their changes – having used and otherwise evaluated many, many others.

I feel, as others have said, that one adapts or can always tweak the interface, easily, to what you’re used to in the past.


@Zlyx Of course, you are a new user and the interface is focused on that type of users, no matter or take into consideration the users who have been using blender for years, that is the problem. You could have reached something in between without spoiling the fastest workflow I’ve ever seen. You’re enthusiasticwith your new toy, I understand, but they could have made blender better without breaking and changing everything. It is not normal that a user who has been using blender for 10 years, now can directly say in publicly that he has changed so much that he no longer knows how to use it and needs months or years to adapt to the radical changes he has undergone.


Just change the key map, no big deal for god sake


@dodododorian The keymap of blender 2.79 was stillborn before birth.


Please don’t tell “it was the worst UX”, explain why right align column is better than a left aligned column like majority of people wants. Explain why T-shelf must be remove, clone in to the right but without the main utils. Explain why model statics must be in the farthest part of the monitor.

For me it’s really hard to tell that blender had the worst UX, with a few changes is a really good program. And, in my experience teaching to my partners when you change left click and explain the lists controls any user could use blender in few minutes with a good speed, when in maya/max/modo is really hard to obtain that results in half and hour.

And like I told, Blender could have all the improvements for new people without break UX of old users. It’s not a black or white election


some will come and some will go, but blender will stay forever as far as we know :slight_smile:


Just a small suggestion what could fix many workflows:
Map esc to either one of these tools:


Esc is meant to cancel actions, not switching tools. Makes no sense.


I am testing here and seems to have no conflict, Why would you edit something while baking or rendering something, this makes no sense.
You can assume that a tool is cancellable, that is the standard for most programs, isn’t?


you can press spacebar twice if you have the spacebar mapped to tools


I need spacebar to search operators since most shortcuts got removed.


too bad you can’t adapt to the new f3 key,


So I’m a novice because I like the changes or I must be a novice because that’s the only justification you can possibly think of?


Its too far away from my wrist, I use it too often, it need to be under my fingers all the time.


I hope everyone agree that if we make a heatmap of the most easy to reach keys it would look like this:

Therefore f3 is not a good button for a function used so often.


But at least it is optional in 2.8, for me is s good solution.




Stop complain about things you can change in user prefs.(f3 or what ever) Complain about what we cant change, like flashing icons at the bottom and bad “W” special menu.


Then also Esc is not good