Blender 2.8 Wireframes Discussion

How change edge width in 3D view ? Not outline width, Not Line width in Interface.

You can’t, is an option that we have asked sometime ago. Ask to @Hypersomniac for updates about that, or it was discarted.

Perhaps it was discarded. UI and API was Freeze.

Could be left for 2.81

very nice!

it would be nice to use the default gradient background #666666

A very much better, great job!
Edges mode and vertex mode now have same thickness!
Very handy solution, it became much better now!

It is nice, that it is possible now, but it reqires some setup, like turning off editmode AA and enabling check ups in mesh edit mode)

Can edges checkup in Mesh Edit mode be turned by default?

Perhaps it is worth reducing the alpha faces.

Turn on this checkbox


I’m happy! Finally I can work in version 2.8.
The rest is all the little things. For example, X-ray can simply be set to 0)

PS/ True, I want to check the “edges” standing by default

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One thing is inconsistent. It’s possible to turn off “Edges” in the Overlays popover, so the Vertex Selection Mode doesn’t highlight the edge between two selected vertices, yet it still draws selected edges when one changes the Selection Mode to Edge Mode. That’s fine. That’s good and predictable.
But the same scenario doesn’t apply to “Faces” in the mentioned popover. Faces are still highlighted when all polygon’s vertices or edges are selected. Now that’s confusing. Isn’t it, @billrey?


I suggest to slightly reduce the brightness of the face. Because in the x-ray mode in the value 0 on a white background, the face is not visible.



Just want to ask why is wireframe black by default?

I know there are theme settings but why is default black?

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Feels like blender is deciding for me that edges are irrelevant in vertex mode.

I feel you. I mean take a look at these two selections I have just tested on 2.8 beta on default settings. Can anyone guess which one had the edge vertex selected and which one is had a separate vertex selected?


Model description: A wireframes mode cube with duplicated but connected vertexes on all eight corners.
Images description: Top two images had vertexes selected. Mid two images had the vertexes grabbed. Bottom two images are the edge select mode. For the answer above, the one on the right had the edge vertexes selected, while the one on the left did not.

I know they are trying to separate the vertex selection mode with the edge selection mode by turning off ‘Draw Edge’. But seriously, is there no way to add maybe at like 0.5-1pt extra to the thickness, -20% transparency or change the color a little to separate a vertex at an edge to a vertex by itself?

Not to mention if you open a random blender files provided by the community at the front page for Blender 2.80, they also had ‘Draw Edge’ turned on within their file.


We we’ve spent months to get that checkbox, and it was done the day before blocking UI.
A present to my birthday.
Yep, that was dangerous.

my hope of seeing the vertex auto-scaling at the distance from the view is still alive :slight_smile: :yellow_heart::pray:


I want to point out that the wireframes are getting degraded in each version, they now
seem more aliased than before.


anyone knows about a software the does this adaptive size thing ?

Also Im currently stuck with an old laptop with outdated graphics. Is the Fade effect on the back of the model for wireframes still in Blender by default ? I cant tell on this side. Can you provide some up to date screenshots with dense wireframes if its the case.
Wireframe fade effect

I heard Houdini had it for some time and that Modo is the best at this. I couldnt found recent images though. Good Screenshots from these softwares are even harder to find so they will be very appreciated.

Found the Houdini stuff. It has a cool name Wireframe Ghost mode :grinning:

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has any software implemented this ?

Well, such a thing was discussed, and it have a problem for long objects, like a building or road.
Its entire vertex display should be super big even if you stay close just to a single wall or edge.

About vertex display I’ve noticed that 3px and 4px have a huge gap.
In 2.8 the difference is bigger than corresponding 3-4 in 2.79.

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