Blender 2.8 Wireframes Discussion

But has the person responsible for these decisions ever modeled in his life?..

My opinion is that the design is being done by someone who doesn’t know how to use blender as a user, doesn’t model, and above all, doesn’t know how to design an existing program. Because it is not normal the decisions that are being seen, breaking workflow, tutorials, basic features…

Let’s see, if in the end many users are just waiting for it to break in the interface, because today there are zero improvements, zero real improvements. All things that users asked all that years has been ignored.


@Alberto is right.

The new interface designer is a volunteer, I wonder if he knows what he is doing. To be honest I was putting hope in 2.8 but seeing how things are going made me realize that I only will have a future If i dont put all my efforts in blender anymore.


Could you please share the actual link, because the one you provided just points to the general page.

Where is @Ton ? why he doest appear?

We all know that all those decisions damage blender’s current comunity more than help new users, Blender Foundation is expecting to replace blender comunity with kids?

Just take a look at the comments on the last Live with @pablovazquez, you see, the vast majority dont like whats being done with blender, we paid codequest for nothing? developers made this site to gather feedback or to ignore what we write here?

@brecht, you are a developer also, please tell us why we are being ignored, replaced.


First, I agree communication around this wireframe topic has been quite poor and confusing. There will be a fast way to switch to wireframe display, most likely using a wireframe draw mode with a shortcut as there was in 2.7x.

Second, the user interface changes are being done by the same people who designed and implemented the Blender 2.5x UI, and everyone has a long experience using Blender that goes back to much earlier versions. Finding a better alternative to wireframes is something that Ton has been pushing for, and of course he is the one who originally designed Blender.

You can certainly disagree with design decisions, but that doesn’t mean there is no reasoning behind them or that most other Blender users would be unhappy with the changes. I remember quite a few design changes that were controversial in 2.5x (like switching to vertical panels), that are practically never mentioned nowadays. The best way to have an impact on development is to just provide constructive feedback here with practical suggestions. It’s almost always possible to find solutions to keep existing users happy and make things more friendly for new users, but it takes some iteration and temporary breakage to get there.


My construtive feedback:

Please, Tab to change modes with a Pie menu!!!
Collections are assigned to numbers row automatically though alphanumerical order!!!

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How close will we be able to get 2.8 to 2.79? It seems like most changes are made to help new users learn how to use the software, but they also damage old users’ workflow.

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I hope it’s not the addon people are talking about… It was almost a laugh among colleagues that blender depended on addons for almost everything, if I have to put in an addon, or activate it, to switch to wireframe mode… Laughters will be heard on the other side of the globe.

We also have dozens of users freaking out that blender has a dark theme by default… Let’s be clear, if all the 3D modeling programs (Houdini, Modo, Cinema4D, Maya, Max, Photoshop, Nuke,…) come with a gray theme is for a very simple reason, it’s the most comfortable thing to see when you work 10 hours with a computer. Putting design above pragmatism or ergonomics is another example of such wonderful decisions. And you can have 200 people on twitter rejoicing, that the decision is bad anyway. Because these are decisions that no one will complain about, the user will simply get more tired and will not know why.

About the changes in blender2.5, I think it’s a comparison that’s very out of context. In Blender 2.4 there was a clear problem with the interface (I tried it a dozen times and it seemed unfeasible to use it and in Blender2.5 it was very simple). It is not the case of Blender2.79, that its interface is not practically touched, things are changing place, but the interface design is practically the same. And we can go to any program in the industry and see that they have much more complicated interfaces, much denser and no problem at all. In the case of blender2.79 it has an interface that is practically the same structure as MODO, so it’s hard to see how that could be a problem.


I do find the Tools panel been removed a bit… sad. BUT, since when did I last use a button in the tools panel?


At least when it is the 3Dview. I do have a lot of things I like in other editor’s tools panel.

I think, any changes that are optional doesn’t have to be criticized. We can change them. A one time fix and no longer problem. What’s the point in complaining about that kind of changes?

No, the removal of the tools panel desnt, affect that much, but where addon buttons gonna appear now?

I have an addon to maintain and I must find a place to put all the tools, they arent modal, only one time clicks, I hope they keep the toolbar as a new editor like Pablo told on the last live.

Finding a new place to put a button.

Once you find the place, putting that button only takes 10 seconds of coding.

Speaking from experience.

The problem I have mentioned few posts earlier is with Limit selection to visible. It does affect the viewport when wireframe is on in the wrong way I think.


if you are a new user that tool panel is basic, also that you need the panel for a lot of plugins and functions. Actually in custom normal branch you need it to setup your custom normals weights

I use Y.A.V.N.E and I have mapped all the functions I use into a pie menu, with PME.

I realize it’s useful for new users, but the 2.8’s new design serves that pretty well.

About the addons, as long as you know a bit about scripting in blender, it’s not hard at all to move panels around.

I think that we talk about vanilla blender.

Yes. I noticed that as well. It has strange results when using that option. I’m guessing they haven’t got to updating that option, yet.

Even the Wireframe on Edit Mode is too cluttered. We are suffering a loss of detail and clarity because of how “thick” every line and face indicator is, compared to 2.79 and previous versions. A new version should never be worse than the one before it.

Compare a screenshot I took of a very dense mesh in edit mode on the viewport on both versions:


PS: both screenshots were taken from the same distance, if it was not clear.
Ignore the mess of triangular faces and Sharp edges, this was an .STP converted file that I received from a client. It can happen to any of us who uses blender in a professional capacity… not always will you receive the cleanest of meshes, and the bad mesh should not be an excuse for worse viewport visualization.

I know it’s a matter of opinion, but I’m not a noob, I work with blender since 2.48 and IMO the new version suffers a loss of visual information clarity and could be improved to 2.79 standards or better if possible.


current blender 2.8 wireframes

adjust the number of wires displayed not good with subsurf modifier


It’s intended for visually cleaning planar faces, so what you show is what I expect. What was your expectations about this, instead? how should it behave?