Blender 2.8 multires sculpting problems

blender 2.8 multires sculpting problems

When sculpting at multires
When working on low-level multires
High level multires are distorted

left. Multires 1 Right Multires 4


See here:

Sculpting on a lower levels of multi-resolution does not properly smooth sculpted strokes when applied to the higher levels. This is a crucial feature, which will be properly implemented before the final 2.80 release.

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The above messages are from 2018. It’s 2020 now, and Multires is still broken. I think it’s time to increase the priority of fixing Multires. A lot of Blender users are eagerly waiting for it. Thanks.


I think that @sergey is morking on it

Edit: I think, I didn’t see anything about multires and subdivision problems…

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There isn’t a bigger problem in Sculpt Mode right now than the broken MultiRes modifier. Without a working subdiv system there is no point in trying to make a production ready sculpt project completely in Blender. You will have to rely on other softwares like ZBrush to do that work for you, which really shouldn’t be the case.

The sculpt workflow has a broken link in the chain until this gets fixed. With the latest news that no progress still has been made on working on the bug and that it will not be a priority for 2.82, I can’t say anything other than that I am disappointed by the outcome. I don’t think I have seen a single sculptor who do not share that same sentiment. The bug has to get the priority it needs or we will be talking about this all the way to 2021 and onwards.


I disagree with this point. There are lots of sculpts for stills that don’t require a MultiRes modifier workflow.
Dyntopo and Voxel Remesher workflows are workflows excluding MultiRes modifier during sculpting process.

Until you don’t try to reach the super ultra detailed model goal, you can do all your stuff in Blender for concept arts that will not be too much detailed and stay a little bit vague, or 3d prints that can not be more detailed than printing layering.

But it is true that we need multires for high detailing model and baking this detail into a normal map and maybe one day a vector displacement map. There is no way, a sculpt artist will do all this detailing in Texture Paint mode. That is requiring others skills in painting and that is doubling or tripling amount of work faking shadows and highlights on each detail. That will not work whatever camera orientation or lighting orientation is. That is why vector displacement maps baking was invented.

That is a combination that is required : support of higher polycounts in viewport, MultiRes that really allows to pass from an high detail level to a lower one and a way to render that detail by modifier itself supported by Blender’s engines or vector displacement maps (which means a way to create them) for external render engines.

Decision to limit MultiRes to higher detail levels is just killing the feature for sculpting.
For a MultiRes sculpting workflow, it is crucial to be able to readjust proportions, modified by details added at higher level, at a lower level. Because a brush can not handle so much polys corresponding to an large area at higher level.


A very common workflow for games for instance is to have a high poly and low poly version of your model which you then bake all the maps in a program like Substance Painter to retain a high level of detail. If you can’t work with a functional subdiv system so you can bake from high to low poly without a bunch issues getting in the way, then this type of workflow becomes highly impractical while working in Blender only. You would need ZBrush which has a fully functional subdiv system to make sure that your model doesn’t break during production.

You simply can’t make a production ready mesh from start to finish where you need to bake high poly details onto a low poly mesh without a working subdiv system. When I say production ready I mean the types of models that need to be rigged and animated. Not still sculpts.


If you are serious about sculpting, then you should know that a sculpting program without a solid multi level system, is a joke.
BF should hire some dev to fix it, otherwise the work being done by the sculpting dev will be wasted.

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Remember, freelance workarounds are not workflows.

“Yeah, it don’t have caustics, but you have light cookies” is lack of a feature, not a workflow…

Do you know, are there plans for the multires modifier?

There are plans, the problem as always is that the priority of that is low or that the dates that are estimated are measured in year up or down.

With this particular one I have hope. But without statements from the devs we are as always without credible information.

Here’s the plan:



if @pablodp606 wants to take that task and fix that bug we’ve been dragging around for a decade… We would be quite grateful.

Because of that bug chasing us like the ghosts of Christmas while they keep implementing new tools…

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Here’s what he said.

Unfortunately, I lack the necessary knowledge to fix it (I don’t even know
if it can be fixed), or the time it would take to do it.

Read the full thing.

In the next message Dalai appear to be more optimistic.


Optimism is good but not enough. It’s time to hire.
Multires fix should be a release blocking fix, imo.


Well, clearly it’s one of the more embarrassing blender bugs along with

  • Slow Subdivision
  • editing performance
  • undo performance

I’m surprised that the developers don’t directly say that they are going to dedicate a version of blender to solve only those and other bugs and stop the rest of development. Because that’s, by far, what blender needs from before 2.8


I also think that multires very important for production quality models. I was think it will be fixed in 2.80, then 2.81 and now seems it will not be fixed in 2.82. If it is so complicated to fix, and even after it will be fixed, what if there will be need to add new features like layer sculpting (blendshapes) or vertex color support in multires. Will it be again so complicated and maybe even not possible to implement?
Maybe it is a good reason to try discuss possibility of new implementation of multires? there is some open source examples, where can be find inspiration, basic implementation for new better Multires with more structured and simplified code .
Maybe we can ask for help Stephane Ginier , developer of SculptGL.


FTFY :wink:

Mh … after reading all this, it looks like there is no real plan. But Thank you, Alberto, for your constructive feedback.

Lets face it. Multires in 2.8 is not suitable for serious sculpting. (I ruined some models using this modifier.) A safe way is to use multires together with shrinkwrap. Im not happy with it. It wont do the job for fine details, like skin foldings. But at least, it gives opportunity to bake displacement maps.

If it is too difficult to tackle with in next releases, I would vote for a carefully planned solid rework. Something which takes its time.