Bake to Vertex Colors using Cycles

Hi all, I’d like to use Cycles to bake ambient occlusion (and possibly other things) to vertex colors. I know this is a feature a few people have asked for before. Obviously the lack of baking to vertex colors in Blender 2.8 is a lost feature that would be good to bring back.

I’m willing to pay a developer to make this happen. If you’re capable of adding Cycles baking to vertex colors, let’s discuss.


Agreed! I’m really needing this in my current workflow. Baking vertex ambient occlusion and the ability to combine vertex colour channel layers with blending modes. Along with some better vertex colouring editing tools…

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I need this feature, too. It’s useful to bake lighting information to vertex colors for my workflow. Once a scene is lit, it can really improve performance in EEVEE. Using lightmap textures would require each object to have a unique material, which has a performance hit.

Here’s a right click select post about this issue, please vote for it: