Asset Bundle - Base Meshes

Recently I worked on creating a set of base meshes for character creation for the official Blender Asset Bundle:

What’s included

So far there are 7 single-object assets, mostly based on the stylised open-source characters “Rain” & “Snow” from the Blender Studio:

  1. Base Mesh - Stylized Male

  2. Base Mesh - Stylized Female

  3. Base Mesh - Stylized Head

    Each head asset also has an inner mouth. But this can easily be deleted or removed via the voxel remesher.

  4. Base Mesh - Hand

  5. Base Mesh - Foot

  6. Base Mesh - Jaw (Teeth, Gums & Tongue)

  7. Base Mesh - Eye

    This one has 2 eye meshes. The inner eye and outer cornea.

Each of these include

  • Evenly distributed quad topology for multi-resolution sculpting & rigging
  • Closed off volumes for easy voxel remeshing
  • Face sets for fast hiding, posing & reshaping in sculpt mode
  • Full UDIM UV maps

Where to get these?

Follow the instructions in the link below to download the repository of assets.

Later these will of course be published as an easy to download bundle.

What’s still planned

I still intend to add more assets, especially once collection-assets are supported for the 3.1 release of Blender.

More useful assets for sculpting:

  • Very simple multi-object base meshes for starting a fresh new character sculpt
  • Realistic base mesh with detailed sculpted anatomy on multires subdivisions
  • General base meshes for drag & dropping or with a potential insert mesh brush inclusion
  • Ropes, chains, hair & other curve based base meshes
  • Clothes & other accessorises to add to characters for sculpting
  • Animal base meshes

Feedback & contributors wanted!

This will be the first version of base meshes so in future Blender releases there can be many updates and additions.
But what are you looking for?
What do you think might be missing or could be improved?
I encourage anyone who is interested to already download the assets from the SVN repository or comment below.


As a little feedback, a volume based blocking model of the bodies and parts could be welcome, instead of the whole joined meshes and already semi retopologized, volume based models, like drafts, could be helpful to have a head start for sculpt, and with that I mean basic volumes with spheres or cubes… or both :slight_smile:

P.S.: In any case this is a very useful and cool asset pack :slight_smile:


Hello I think I can help with the realistic anatomy male and female, but I have to know the time frame I have. In a sort notice I can prepare a sculpt without retopology of a male and a female, also y can separate hands, feet, ears and heads.

Also it can be interesting some sort of realistic ecorche?

Also I think that the retopology characters should be prepare to use with rigyfy with out the need to move arms or legs to mach the pose.

So let me know how much time I have and if there is an interest of me doing it.


I like to leave out the inside of the mouth in my sculpt models and add it in the retopology stage. It might be a good idea to have separate topology and sculpt models?

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Btw, DynTopo (in sculpt-dev) preserves UV islands now (preserves island boundaries). This is not a good thing for initial sculpt meshes since the uvs will get heavily distorted during the initial blocking stage, messing up the topology and creating nasty glitches during smoothing.

It really might be best to have separate sculpt blocking meshes and ones with final topology/UVs.

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What do you think about a model made aut of planes, like an Asaro, or a planar skull? Is a nice way to learn about proportions anda also a good starting point for any character sculpt.


Yes. I’d love to add those next with the 3.1 release when collection-assets will be supported.
These base meshes are best when set up with multiple objects with their own origin point.

But maybe people prefer it to be 1 object?

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If you’d like to contribute that would be amazing!
It’s likely too late for the first Asset Bundle release in 1 week.
But that means there’s plenty of time to prepare for the next release.

I’d say just share progress and possibly even the file here in the thread as soon as you like.
I can add ot to the bundle and add your name as the asset author.

I would not add a rig to these basemeshes to keep them simple. They can also easily be posed and reshapes using the pose brush.

It’s very easy for users to change the existing assets and make variations.
Like deleting the inner mouth and filling the hole in the lips.

Nice! I’ll se if I can reuse something as son as I can like a starting point and we se if some can go in 3.0 or we improve them to 3.1
Today I can’t but maybe this weekend I can share something.

No, I agree that it should be multiple meshes together with its own center :slight_smile:

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@JulienKaspar I have this 4 assets that can be interesting for 3.0 I can modify them so they fit nicely in each other, and clean them up, also the planar head is based on ASARO, but I can make it unique so we don’t copy anyone.

And for the 3.1 I can finish this ecorche, and also make a base mesh (not detail) and a planar version of this sketch:

I can maybe reuse the same topology as the ones that you made so it is nice an consistent.

Also for 3.1 I can make a female version of all of those models.


Those look really great! Well done :smiley:

For any of these assets it’s important that they are not based on any existing copyrighted content or anyone’s intellectual property.
These must be shared with a CC0 license.
So recreating the Asaro head is not going to work, sorry.
I’d say resuclpt it into something more unique. Something that you’ve made.
But maybe keep it still relatively generic because it’s meant to be a base for others to work on top, or take as a reference.

For the 2 skull sculpts I would say it would be great to have the jaw & teeth as separated meshes. It can still be all 1 object but having them not merged would make it easier to resculpt them into something else.

The full body sculpt look nice! A simple & a planar version of that would be a great addition too.
I can wrap my existing base mesh around that sculpt and re-project the details onto a multires afterwards, if you want.

A female version would also be amazing.
Again, great work!!! This will be super useful to include in the asset bundle :+1:

@JulienKaspar I assume that we want symmetrical assets? for example the detailed skull, is not symmetrical, that is more realistic, but not very nice as base for sculpting, so I made it symetric.
The detailed skull has island and can be separated as we please, maybe craneum and the upper teeth together and the mandible and lower teeth together,

About the planar head, yes I’ll start from scratch so there is no copyright problems.

I’ll try may best to do as much as I can this weekend and as I go I’ll post here the results.

I’ll try to make a symplified version (with skin) of the ecorche and a planar one, I don’t have a good program to wrap, so if you can wrap them with your topology then I can check that it looks good and reproyect or do the detail myself in multirres. But I can download your topology and wrap it by hand if there is no other way :slight_smile:

Yes, symmetrical is probably better, at least for the overall, shapes.
Separating the skull like you say sounds good too.

I can wrap topology and reproject the sculpt. No worries.
Also don’t feel like you need to rush. There are still some ongoing discussions on when the asset bundle will be released after the 3.0 launch.
The likely scenario is that the base meshes will be added sometime after or worst case for Blender 3.1.
I’ll share more information once I can.

Thanks, I’ll do as much as I can with out any rush, but I’ll try to do the first pass in everything, and then if it dosen’t go to the 3.0 I can refine everything for the 3.1 launch.


wait, those meshes are going to be bundled with blender?

Hello, I find the idea of optional sponsored asset bundles a fantastic news!

A suggestion if not done already : what about reaching out to the top-voted posters in the community, be it, reddit, twitter,, gumroad etc…, and offering them to contribute assets aswell?

Probably little are going to say ok, and I doubt Chris Jones will give his flexpressions to the public, but some might!

Such a bundle idea could also be seasonal, renewing interest?

The 3 reddit posts of the day :

Not quite. It’s planned as a seperate download right next to Blender.
Most likely as multiple bundles in the future, like a sculpting bundle, materials bundle etc.
Depends on the size and amount of assets.

Thanks! We’ll reach out to more people and platforms. It would be best if more people are able to contribute.