Asset browser so SLOWwww

at the moment it takes me up to 5 minutes to read not very heavy files from the library! Will there be any acceleration measures? Or the final speed of the browser! Sorry, but in this state it is inoperable! It was easier to add preview icons to the file browser. PEACE!!!

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Plan is to introduce a caching system: T82979: Indexing for Performance
There’s the usual question of priorities here though: performance vs. features. Currently the focus is on getting a small set of well polished aspects of the Asset Browser to work for the 3.0 release (poses, catalogs, objects & materials). I think after that we can work on the caching, but it’s not a small thing. So while I hope to see this in 3.0, I have doubts that we can make it.

Besides the caching, there are a number of other improvements possible that we have discussed in the past. Depending on how problematic performance will be in practice we may want to prioritize this.


I’m sure speed should be a priority here! no features replace the annoyance of slowing down! Understand, the main idea is the speed of work! Quickly dragged models from the library and quickly sketched materials on them!


There are many ways we can define slow, are you referring to the time blender takes to load thumbnails in general ? perhaps or this is linked specifically to the asset browser?

thumbnails in general could be a lot faster to load, that would be quite nice improvement for all users

@julianeisel , did you knew that there’s someone who already implemented something that drastically upgrade thumnbail loading time with python

unfortunately it’s using the non-builtin pillow module

While i’m at it

i’m also creating an asset manager (for a blender plugin in python) and i saw that the drawing operator layout.template_icon() has poor performance compared to standard label or operators icons. drawing speed seem to be significantly slower than other drawing function

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please stop the toxicity,
This is a civilized place
i’d suggest to modify your message right now


so now, apparently, this topic will be closed, but I always wonder about such a comments…
If you know how - do it! Submit a patch.

The developer spent his time for explanation, and received such a result.
Not surprised why so hard to call them.

Nah no need to instantly close as soon as someone misbehaves, but it can happen if people do not adjust their behavior.

@grimakaka keep it civil please, there is no need to make it personal

Friend, what do you suggest me write to him? Thanks for doing a useless, slow thing and having to use third party plugins? They are going to bury an excellent and very necessary thing and should I be silent and pretend to be a hypocritical civil?

I suggested a lot of revolutionary things and they were all not a priority! And as a result, a lot is now already implemented in other packages and could have made the blender more advanced!

Please explain to me why loading icons takes ten times longer than loading a whole file into a blender?

Just because you’re outraged doesn’t mean poor behavior towards developers is OK, I’m going to refer you to you to our Code of Conduct take it to heart, It’s OK to disagree but please do so in a civil way.

If you can’t actually be civil and have to “fake it” that’s ok with me, but you can’t continue the way you are currently conducting your self.


I just downloaded a third-party project from the market and everything works there INSTANTLY! So maybe the problem is in the developer though?

I don’t know, nor does it matter, I am tasked with keeping this place pleasant for all parties involved, so as long as people around here respectfully disagree on things, you won’t hear a peep out of me.

I’m not entirely sure why feeling you are “right” would allow or excuse any the behavior exhibited.

So far it seems like a simple disagreement on what the priorities should be between you and the asset manager developers, such things happen, however normally tempers don’t flare up like this.

With that said, try to keep it in check in the future and lets get this thread back on track!

As far as I remember, asset manager is made involving some C4D devs.

You had a fair point when you say “loading icons takes ten times longer than loading a whole file into a blender?” but that’s not a reasons to make a scene

You outraged that feature what you wanted in the TODO list, but not right now as you wish?
Developers physically can’t do all things at one task, it’s a step by step process,
managing such a big project like blender (free software), require to prioritize tasks what to do firstly.

And BTW, developers no owes you anything, you can suggest but not demand.

firstly, I did not insult anyone (show me where?) if you see insults in everything, then you have a distorted vision of reality and you have problems! Second - why I was a little emotional - I work professionally in a blender and know exactly what is needed for convenience. I was very happy when I found out that there will be AM, as it completely changes the concept of work! I transferred all my assets to this in the hope that in the final it will be quick (logical)! Third, I find out that my expectations are my problems! Profit!

Okay guys! everyone calmed down!

You haven’t answered my question above! Describe the entire upload process for me. I’m not a developer but I can figure out where you slow down! I really want to help. I really need AM. Using third-party applications is not very convenient for me. And I do not want to switch to other programs, I LOVE the blender!