Anti-aliasing downgrade?

Did something happen to anti-aliasing? My viewport looks rather rough I’ve noted, and I use 1.0 in quality and 16x multi sample on a Windows 10 machine with 1080ti:

EDIT: The grid line in the background and the empty object is really smooth, though…

Oh, I’m silly! Solid mode isn’t anti-aliased?

I guess that’s a feature? But it looks almost as if there’s some cheap fxaa or something going on?

Are you on 2.80? Have a look at this

That’s a weird change and I don’t see the benefit…

Further, it’s now very hidden from the user, since the default “Render Engine” is Evee which lacks those settings. You need to switch to “workbench” to see them, which means that 99% of new users will probably never find it.


Agree with it being hidden… it’s awkward to be forced to change the render engine to adjust something that it’s viewport related


they did it this way, because rendering viewport animation was too slow due to Anti-aliasing, so they exposed those parameters but yeah they should be somewhere generic or maybe in the preferences editor.

This is a bug, it will be fixed. The settings to control the viewport antialiasing are in the preferences.

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one question, should the settings in the preferences be affecting the viewport render image?
Because at the moment its one of the bests or easiest ways to do clay wireframes images but it does not seems to be working