Annotation convert to mesh and bsurfaces

In the current version of 2.80 annotations can’t be converted to meshes like you could convert GP to mesh in earlier versions. Can anyone tell me whether this feature is going to return (or point me where I can find it, I might have overlooked it).

And related to this, someone knows anything about the (dis)continuation of the bsurfaces plugin, which relies on converting drawn lines to meshes?

The above post on devtalk and the lack of discussion on the blenderartists thread dont indicate someone is working on it.
Would it be hard to update it since former GP functionality has been split up in the new GP and annotations. Are annotations under the hood still basically GP lines or are they a completely different thing?

As you know, Grease Pencil and BSurfaces is used many times for retopology in Blender:

@cwolf3d is working on porting BSurfaces GPL Edition addon for Blender 2.8:

The problem is that apparently GP in 2.8 is somewhat more complicated in 2.8 than in 2.79, and retopo worflow in 2.8 would demand not to remain constantly in Edit mode, having to change to GP Draw mode to make strokes. One solution could be to use Annotate Tool. I’m not sure Placement on Surface mesh option for Annotate tool can be configured from Python API. Another problem is that Annotate strokes seem to have something like X-Ray enabled, being meshes transparent to the strokes.
So users who are accustomed to this kind of retopo workflow could give feedback on this, and the developers could take into account suggestions to discuss if modifications in GP object/Annotate tool would be necessary for the workflow to be at least as fast and flexible as in 2.79.

@cwolf3d (Spivak Vladimir) added Annotations as guide strokes!
Now, it would be great a shortcut to draw strokes without having to remain with Annotate Tool activated, in the same way that “D” shortcut worked in 2.79. That way the workflow would be even more fluid.

I just realized that in Edit mode you can continue selecting vertices even with Annotate tool enabled (at least with RMB to select behavior). Anyway having the brush icon as a mouse pointer all the time while you select vertices in Edit mode is a bit confusing.

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That’s great news! Thanks for the notification!