Add a Denoise Modifier to video editing workspace

Would it be possible to take the code from the Denoise node in compositing and use it as a modifier in the video editing workspace? I have tried using the Denoise node on video before and it works quite well.

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I think what you’re trying to say is to Denoise a video footage inside compositor. Well, I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work at all. I’ve also posted a thread over that and turns out that Intel Denoiser is only applicable on 3d renders.

We’re you using the cycles engine? Because in my experience it only works in cycles.

Hmm. I wasn’t sure of that. Perhaps, I should give it a try once again in Cycle and I’ll let you know if anything happens.

AFAIK OpenIntelDeNoiser used inside Blender is not time stable, so it will produce glitches (difference in denoised part) from one frame to previous and follow one, using OIDN in aniamation produce each frame without noise but visual noise from following frames, so it is usable only for static frame.

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